Popcorn? Got it.

Fizzy Drink? Yep.

Comfy chair set to recline? Good to go.

Then turn the lights down and let’s launch this movie!

There’s only one thing better than Gold Class when watching a movie – Home Class! Home theatre is fast becoming the new black in domestic entertainment systems and setting up the perfect arrangement for your space is easy. Follow this step-by-step guide and you’ll be inviting your friends around for the latest blockbuster in no time. The key is to consider all the elements first and how they will work together to achieve the result you want – even when not in use.


Your projector is the central nervous system for your Home Class entertainment system. Consider the resolution, brightness and zoom range of the projector required for your area. These factors are essential for the overall quality of the image that will unite your family and friends. Then consider another vital piece of the puzzle – how it all looks when not in use…

Technology, cords, cables and wires are an integral part of modern life but there is no requirement for them to be visible. To make the technology and cords connected to your Home Class entertainment system invisible simply use a ceiling-mounted motorised projector lift to hide them. In utilising the motorised projector lift you will be able to discreetly remove the projector and its wires from your room when not in use and securely house it in your ceiling cavity.

The same logic applies to screens. There are various qualities and price tags associated with screens but to keep your home free of unwanted visual noise, insist your screen is retractable. This will ensure it remains in top condition and is always ready for use at the touch of a button. Some people prefer light absorbent screens while others are attracted to reflective. Visit one of the large department store chains or other suppliers to compare the difference.

Many believe the soundtrack to modern movies is as impressive as the images. To recreate the full experience in your home, choose a wall-mounted 5.1 surround sound system so the wires can be hidden in the walls while still allowing the bass to rumble the room. Ensure you choose good quality speakers for reliability, faithful sound reproduction and arrange them as the manufacturer describes in the instructions.


1.Select an applicable projector to suit your room

2.Choose an Ultralift motorised projector lift to hide wires and secure the projector in the ceiling

3.Ensure your screen is retractable to improve its lifespan

4.Mount your speakers on a wall.

Taking these elements into account will mean your Home Class theatre system is the envy of the neighbourhood and a joy to live with whether in use or not.

Now, switch your mobile phones to silent, dim the lights and no talking in the back row…