TV Ceiling Mounts

Save Space with Our TV Pole Mount Ceiling Units

Ultralift’s TV pole mount floor to ceiling units are custom-made to suit the size of the display and required height. The design can also include a tilt to provide a better viewing angle. These TV mount poles are great for creating eye-catching displays in commercial situations. They can also save a lot of wall and floor space by hanging the TV from the ceiling, ideally from a prominent area in the building.

TV mount poles make it easy for users to suspend a TV at their desired distance from any ceiling height. TVs can be swivelled onto any type of ceiling for the desired viewing level and direction, including flat ceilings and sloped ceilings.

Pole Mount 26-52

[RRP from AU$920] Ultralift Australia’s ‘Pole Tilt’ allows a screen to be attached securely to the ceiling at a height to suit your application. The Pole Tilt is ...

TV Pole Ceiling Mount

Pole Mount 85

[RRP from AU$2,630] Ultralift Australia’s ‘Pole Mount’ allows a large screen to be attached securely to the ceiling at a height to suit your application. The Pole ...

Anti-Ligature Ceiling TV Enclosure

Anti-Ligature Ceiling TV Mount

Ceiling mounted Anti-ligature TV enclosures are similar to our Wall Mounted Anti-Ligature Enclosures. They feature a similar design to prevent any attempt to use the equipment to ...

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can a TV Mount Pole be Installed?

A floor to ceiling TV mount pole unit is ideal for use in corporate boardrooms, classrooms, lobbies, entrances, restaurants, bars and meeting places.

Will My TV Mount Pole Fit in My Space?

Yes. Every TV pole mount floor to ceiling unit Ultralift manufactures is designed to perfectly fit the space it has been allocated for.

How High Should I Mount My TV?

Determining the right height for your TV will depend on the size of the TV, the layout of the room, and any personal preferences you have. Ultralift has many different TV pole mount ceiling units and hardware products in stock, and our experts can advise you on how high the TV should be off the ground.

Contact Us for Help Finding the Right TV Mount Pole

Ultralift has a huge range of TV pole mount ceiling units for customers to choose from to suit any application. We’re available to design a unit based on your specific requirements for your domestic or commercial property. Contact us today by calling (03) 9459 0873.