TV Lifts

How do TV Lift Mechanisms work?

A TV lift mechanism is ideal equipment for concealing your TV or audio-visual equipment, with floor, wall and ceiling options available. Hidden TV lift cabinets and systems are convenient to install and operate reliably. They have a variety of recreational uses in the home, within boats and conference centres, and can even be fitted in boardrooms and offices. Considering how versatile TV lift systems are, it’s no surprise that custom TV lift cabinets and TV lift mechanisms are so popular.

Ultralift’s TV lift systems suit most sizes of TV on the market. Our TV lifts come complete with all the accessories required for installation, including IR remote control, up/down wall panel, and installation manuals. Our idea from the very beginning was to produce audio-visual solutions that simplify your life and work every day. Whether you need a TV lift cabinet, TV wall lift, TV elevator stand or TV ceiling lift, Ultralift is the best destination to find a high-quality TV riser in Australia.

Tilt Down TV Lift - Spartan


The Ultralift “Spartan” lift has been designed to appeal to the most discerning customer who wants the ultimate in smoothness and quietness. As an added feature, when the TV ...

Motorised Pop Up TV Floor Lift Atlas

Atlas Lift

The Atlas Lift raises your flat-screen TV up from beneath the floor to a comfortable viewing level and transforming any living space into an entertainment room. TV lowers into ...

Tilt Down Mercury Slim Drop Down TV lift ceiling mount

Mercury Slim

Ultralift Australia’s “Mercury Slim” ceiling tilt gives you space-saving security solutions for your TV screen. The Mercury Slim is suitable for installation in all rooms of ...

Slide Out TV Motorised TV Mount


The Ultralift Wall Slide Out with optional manual swivel is the ultimate combination of convenience and space-saving design. Use walls to conceal your TV with the innovative TV ...

Spartan Swivel

The Spartan Swivel folds your television down into view and swivels it into the ideal position. It’s been designed to appeal to the most discerning customer with maximum ...

Drop Down TV Descender Vertical TV lift for ceiling


Ultralift Australia’s Descender gives you space-saving and security solutions for your TV. The Descender fits neatly into ceiling cavities, eliminating the need for bulky ...

Tilt Down TV Lift Motorised Mercury Slim Drop

Mercury Slim Drop

Ultralift Australia’s “Mercury Slim Drop” ceiling tilt gives you space-saving security solutions for your TV screen. The Mercury Slim Drop is suitable for installation in ...

Descender - Drop Down TV Lift

Descender Drop

Ultralift Australia’s Descender Drop gives you space saving and security solutions for your falt screen TV. The Descender Drop fits neatly into ceiling cavities, eliminating ...

Titan Lift

Titan Lift TV cabinet provides unlimited applications for flatscreens, with a smooth, quiet operation and compact design. Seamlessly conceal your television within cabinets, ...

motorised monitor display lift

Comet II

The Comet II Lift is a modern, compact LCD screen lift for screens up to 22″ in size. In addition to the standard vertical movement, the Comet II also tilts the screen back for ...

Pop Up TV Cabinet TV Lift Motorised

Phoenix Lift

Ultralift Australia’s ‘Phoenix’ gives you unlimited applications for your TV. The compact design allows you to hide your television into sideboards and cabinets providing ...

Pop Up TV Lift Cabinet with Swivel Phoenix Lift

Phoenix Manual Swivel

Ultralift Australia’s ‘Phoenix with Manual Swivel’ gives you unlimited applications for your LED, LCD or flat screen TVs. The compact design allows you to hide your ...

Pop Up TV Lift Cabinet with Swivel Phoenix Lift

Titan with Manual Swivel

The Titan with Manual Swivel comes with a manual 350 degree swivel you can adjust once the TV lift is fully raised. This gives you a number of viewing options for rooms where ...

Freedom Motorised

Ultralift Australia’s “Freedom Motorised” wall mount allows you to view your TV screen from different angles, as well as eliminating reflections. Featuring a black powder ...

TV Picture frame motorised wall lift


Ultralift Australia’s ‘Gallery’ rolling art transforms your flat screen into a piece of artwork. Concealed TV screen mount with rolling, motorised canvas art for all ...

Hidden TV Artwork TV Lift

Picasso Art Lift

The Picasso Art Lift is the ideal solution to conceal the TV behind an artwork. This motorised lift moves the artwork vertically to reveal the TV. Picasso Art Lift is suitable ...

Hidden TV behind artwork dual panel

Picasso Duo

Hide TVs behind artwork with Picasso Duo Motorised Mount. Two panels split either horizontally or vertically to reveal your flat-screen TV mounted behind the artwork. The ...

TV Wall Panel Motorised Lift

Reveal Panel Lift

The Reveal Panel Lift conceals your flat-screen TV behind a movable panel on the wall. When in use, the panel moves in and up behind the wall to reveal your TV. Concealed TV ...

Why Ultralift TV Lift Systems?

All of our TV lift systems and TV lift mechanisms are created under the supervision of some of the best designers and engineers in the country. Our products are manufactured in specially-created facilities where we use only the best tools and materials to deliver durable and reliable audio-visual solutions. All products are tested to ensure they meet industry standards.

We are continually developing new ideas with hydraulic TV lift mechanisms into innovative products which the market has never seen before. So if there’s an issue you’ve been struggling with for years that could benefit from a motorised ceiling drop down TV mount, we’d love to hear from you!

Custom Designed TV Lifts and TV Lift Mechanisms

Have you taken the time to browse through our selection and still don’t think you’ve found the perfect solution for your specific situation? Don’t despair! Ultralift realises each client has specific needs, and we strive to meet each one of them. We employ the most talented and experienced team of designers and engineers, with the practical skills and theoretical knowledge required to conquer any challenge ahead of them. They are full of creative ideas and passionate about producing a purpose-designed solution for use as a TV lift that will best suit you.

Find the Most Suitable TV Lift System Today

Ultralift is widely praised for our range of audio-visual products. When it comes to our hidden TV lift cabinets and systems, we have models to suit both residential and commercial clients. Our designs are created to offer practical, durable and visually appealing solutions for any space. In our standard range, you can choose from products such as the Descender, Spartan, Slider, or Atlas Lift, along with many other TV lifts and TV lift mechanisms that will suit your interior.

Take some time to browse through our selection, and tell us if you need to create something extraordinary. It’s what we do! Call us on (03) 9459 0873 for help finding the right TV riser in Australia for your domestic or commercial premises.