TV Wall Lifts

Discover Our Easy-to-Install TV Wall Panel Lifts

Ultralift’s TV wall panel lift is an ideal TV lift mechanism for concealing your TV from your wall. The TV Slider, Gallery and Reveal are amongst our most popular units. These TV wall panel lifts are convenient to install and operate reliably. Our TV wall panel lifts also have a variety of uses, making them suitable for the home, boats, conference centres, and boardrooms and offices.

Ultralift’s TV wall panel lifts and flat screen lifting mechanisms suit most sizes of TVs and flat screens available on the market. Our TV wall panel lifts also come with everything required for installation, including IR remote control, up/down wall panel, and installation manuals.

Slide Out TV Motorised TV Mount


The Ultralift Wall Slide Out with an optional manual swivel is the ultimate combination of convenience and space-saving design. Use walls to conceal your TV with the innovative ...

Slider with Manual Swivel

Slider with Manual Swivel is the alternative design for the Slider TV Lift. This lift provides the same motorised sliding feature with the additional option of manually turning ...

motorised TV wall mount

Motorised TV Wall Lift

Originally designed for classrooms, our motorised wall-mounted TV lift is an alternative solution to bring the TV up and in view when using a TV cabinet lift is not possible. ...

Freedom Motorised

Ultralift Australia’s “Freedom Motorised” wall mount allows you to view your TV screen from different angles, as well as eliminating reflections. Featuring a black powder ...

Hidden TV Artwork TV Lift

Picasso Art Lift

Sliding artwork to hide tv The Picasso Art Lift is the ideal solution to conceal the TV behind an artwork. This motorised lift moves the artwork vertically to reveal the TV. ...

Hidden TV behind artwork dual panel

Picasso Duo

Sliding artwork to hide tv Hide TVs behind artwork with Picasso Duo Motorised Mount. Two panels split either horizontally or vertically to reveal your flat-screen TV mounted ...

TV Wall Panel Motorised Lift

Reveal Panel Lift

The Reveal Panel Lift conceals your flat-screen TV behind a movable panel on the wall. When in use, the panel moves in and up behind the wall to reveal your TV. The Reveal Panel ...

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Would Someone Want to Hang Their TV?

Hanging a TV on the wall is a way of achieving an affordable home theatre style experience. It will save space, provide an ideal TV viewing height, won’t be knocked over by children or the elderly, and will become much more difficult for thieves to steal.

Can I Turn My TV to Face Any Other Direction?

Ultralift stocks pivot mounts that allow you to have the TV face another direction. These are available at an additional cost.

Will the TV Cables be Visible When the TV is Mounted?

Our technician will do their best to ensure your television’s cables are neatly concealed.

Find the TV Wall Panel Lift That’s Right for You

Take all the time you need to browse through our extensive selection of products. If you need assistance, our team members can help you find the right unit. Call Ultralift on (03) 9459 0873 today for help finding the best TV lift mechanism for your domestic or commercial premises.