Projector Wall Mounts

Install a Projector Wall Mount to Enhance Your Home Entertainment Experience

Ultralift’s universal projector wall mount units fit virtually all projectors of any size on the market and are perfect to use as part of a home theatre setup along with a ceiling mounted projector screen.

Sometimes it might not be possible to use a roof projector or to place a projector on a stand. This could be the case due to objects on the ceiling such as lights and fans obstructing the view. Projectors placed on a stand can also obstruct the view, and it can be very difficult to properly place the projector so it aligns with the ceiling mounted projector screen. A projector wall mount is often the perfect solution to these issues.

Our low profile projector mounts are ideally placed on a back wall away from the screen to ensure the projector is out of view. We advise our customers to measure the dimensions of their home theatre in order to determine the best spot to place their projector.

Many projector wall mounts come with adjustable arms. These arms can be extended or rotated individually to correctly align the projector with the ceiling mounted projector screen.

Spider Short Throw

[RRP POA] Ultralift Australia’s ‘Spider Short Throw’ projector mounts are the sturdy, safe and flexible solution to your projector needs. With the Spider Short ...

Projector Weatherproof Outdoor Cabinet

Projector Outdoor Enclosure

[RRP from AU$6,450] Weatherproof Projector Cabinet Our Outdoor Projector Enclosure is lockable and weatherproof with glass front & thermostat controlled ventilation. ...

Exceptional Projector Mount Designs

  • Spider Short Throw Projector Wall Mounts are strong, safe and flexible units that can be mounted onto a wall with the included pole, wall plate and fixing hardware. They can be used for projectors of all sizes.

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