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TV Trolleys and Stands

Need a TV stand on wheels that can be easily moved between rooms? Ultralift’s mobile TV stands are perfect for businesses, educational facilities and other buildings that regularly have to reposition screens within a single room, or use a stand to move a TV to another location.

Our range of mobile TV trolley stands support screens as large as 100″ in size, and we have both motorised and non-motorised versions with large wheels for easy mobility. The bottom wheels on each moveable TV stand are lockable, meaning the unit will be securely locked in place during presentations. Many different types of LCD, plasma and LED televisions can be placed on a portable TV stand on wheels, as each stand can support a substantial amount of weight.

Custom-made TV Trolleys

At Ultralift, we design and manufacture all our products in Australia. This has enabled many companies and universities to have their own branded custom designs and mobile TV stands. Browse through our standard range of TV trolleys and get in touch with us to have a chat about making your own mobile TV stand.

Portable TV mount motorised

AV Motorised Road Case

Ultralift’s AV Road Case is a versatile and, above all, rugged and durable road case to securely transport a screen or TV. Originally developed for the Australian Defence Force, ...

Education Trolley Touchscreen TV motorised with tilt

Mobile TV Stand with Lift and Flip

[RRP from AU$4,830] Engage audiences in exciting new ways using the innovative TV Trolley with motorised Lift and Flip from Ultralift Australia. Supports screens from ...

Education Trolley Touchscreen TV motorised lift

Mobile TV Stand

[RRP from AU$2,570] At Ultralift, we design and manufacture custom-made mobile TV stands and trolleys to suit your needs and application. Many brands have employed our ...

Education Trolley Touchscreen TV motorised lift

Mobile TV Stand with Lift

[RRP from AU$4,030] This mobile TV stand with motorised lift provides a versatile solution for transporting the screen to different areas and adjusting the TV height when ...

Frequently Asked Questions

What Locations Are TV Trolley Stands Ideal For?

  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Offices
  • Lecture theatres
  • Boardrooms
  • Trade shows

Is It Better to Wall Mount a TV or Put it On a Stand?

It’s generally better to put a TV on a stand. The height or angle of a TV can be rotated or adjusted to the user’s preferred level when placed on a moveable TV stand. Televisions mounted on walls are put in a fixed position and height that can’t as easily be adjusted.

Why Are TV Trolley Stands Better for Flat-Screen TVs?

TV trolley stands allow users to move the flat-screen to their desired location, position and angle to enhance viewing experience.

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Ultralift is the best destination for a mobile TV stand in Australia. If you’re looking for a high-quality portable TV stand on wheels, contact Ultralift today on (03) 9459 0873 for helpful advice and assistance.