Camera Lifts and Mounts

Sleek and Useful Camera Lifts

Camera lifts are very advantageous in a simple yet advanced manner. Ultralift’s smooth and quiet units are capable of effortlessly raising and lowering camera mounts from a camera holder placed on the ceiling to the user’s eye level or preferred position in only a matter of seconds. There’s no longer any need to deal with a fixed camera mount that’s awkwardly aimed at the user’s chest or above their head. Our camera lifts all have a striking motorised column lift design that makes them both stylish and functional.

Camera Lift

Camera Lift

Camera Lifts are ideal custom-made solutions for conference rooms and video calls. Ultralift's Apollo Camera Lift neatly hides the camera in the ceiling cavity and brings it down ...

anti-vibration camera mount

Anti-Vibration Camera Mount

If you have a video-conferencing camera mount or a camera that records lectures at university, you want the video to be clear and stable. This especially becomes an issue when the ...

Camera Cabinet Lift video conference room

Camera Cabinet Lift

Camera Cabinet Lifts are ideal for video conference rooms and video calls. These lifts are custom-made to match your PTZ camera and required cabinet dimensions. Key ...

Our Available Premium Camera Mount Units

  • Camera Lifts that are made to order. These are designed to suit a number of applications and can be installed either on the ceiling or on a desk.
  • Anti-Vibration Camera Mounts are perfect for video conferencing or recording university lectures, as they guarantee that the resulting video quality will be clear and stable. Vibrations can prevent a successful recording if there is constant movement from the upper floors, if the camera is mounted on a long pole, or the camera is a fair distance away from the ceiling. An anti-vibration camera mount minimises vibration through special rubber mounts that ensure that the mount remains in a stable position for video-recording applications.

Find the Right Camera Mount with Our Help

If you regularly conduct video meetings and are looking for a suitable videoconferencing solution, get in touch with Ultralift for help finding the right camera holder and lift unit. Call us today on (03) 9459 0873 for further information on what our units can do for you.