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Ultralift is proud to be a leading manufacturer of custom-made TV enclosures, static TV wall mounts and TV ceiling mounts. Our range of anti-ligature TV enclosures and weatherproof outdoor TV enclosures provide a reliable and durable mounting solution for homes and commercial environments. We custom make these enclosures and mounts to suit the specific requirements of your project as well as your TV size.

Anti-Ligature TV Enclosure


Anti-ligature TV mounts and enclosures are designed to avoid attachment of anything to them so they cannot be used to inflict self-harm or to others. This is achieved by closing ...

TV Mounts TV Wall Mounts
Outdoor TV Enclosure

Extreme Enclosure

Our Outdoor TV enclosure is lockable and weatherproof with glass front & thermostat controlled ventilation. These Extreme Enclosure outdoor TV mounts and cabinets are made from ...

TV Mounts TV Wall Mounts
TV Wall Mounts

Freedom Mount

Ultralift Australia’s ‘Freedom’ range of flat-screen TV mounts allow complete flexibility to swivel the screen to suit your perfect viewing position, effectively eliminating ...

TV Mounts TV Wall Mounts


85″-108″ Flat Screen Wall mount with Pull-Out Screen Servicing Capability. Based on our succesful Hercules bracket for the Panasonic 103″ screen, this bracket is in demand ...

TV Mounts TV Wall Mounts

Static Mount

Ultralift Australia’s TV wall mounts allow a solid, reliable method of fixing your screen to any position in the room. The compact design secures flat against the wall and is ...

TV Mounts TV Wall Mounts

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does a TV Enclosure Work?

The TV is placed inside a weatherproof lockable case that will protect your unit from rain, dirt, debris and other elements. The weatherproof TV enclosure is pre-wired, allowing you to plug the TV into the enclosure.

Does an Enclosure Have to be Installed Under Cover?

No, we can provide a weatherproof outdoor TV enclosure that doesn’t necessarily have to be installed undercover. However, we recommend that your enclosure is installed in a location that gets shade so sun glare won’t hinder how well you can view the TV screen.

How Does a Weatherproof TV Enclosure Block Out Rain?

Our units include a double seal system that completely prevents water from entering the enclosure.

How Long Will an Enclosure Last if Placed Outside?

Every weatherproof outdoor TV enclosure we design is made to last for many years. It’s more likely that you will replace your TV before replacing an enclosure.

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Browse through our extensive range of durable TV wall mounts, TV ceiling mounts, ligature resistant TV enclosures, weatherproof TV enclosures and much more online today. No matter what type of product you’re after, Ultralift will have it in stock. Get in contact with us today by calling (03) 9459 0873.