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At Ultralift, we design and manufacture quality TV Lifts, Projector Lifts and Outdoor TV Enclosures. Located in Melbourne, Australia, we customise, design, and manufacture all our products in fast turnaround times to meet the needs of leading AV specifiers and architects.

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Our extensive product range includes motorised TV liftsTV Cabinetsprojector lifts, and outdoor TV cabinets and enclosures. In addition to the standard range, we offer custom-made TV wall mount solutions to suit your specific requirements that are designed by Ultralift’s experienced in-house engineers. Applications include corporate boardrooms, home theatres, university auditoriums, lecture theatres, luxury boat installations and commercial sites. Quality products are guaranteed, with our enthusiastic team designing, producing and assembling all parts at our headquarters in Australia.

As a leading motorised TV mount and lift manufacturer and supplier, we pride ourselves on being accessible to all of our customers, meaning we’re only a phone call away if you need to ask a question. Contact us today with any questions you may have!

Ultralift Applications by Industry

Ultralift’s TV Lifts, Outdoor TV enclosures and Projector Lifts solutions are diverse and adaptable to the needs of different industries. For the past 18 years, we have been at disposal for all of our clients, no matter how big or small the project they had for us. We have successfully completed work for our residential and commercial clients, as well as some projects for the government and education sectors.

How do we manage to deliver such a variety of services? We never stop learning and advancing our skills. Though we employ only the most talented, skilled and certified team of manufacturers, designers and sales representatives, we also strive to build an ambitious team. Change is the only constant in this line of work, and we need people who are willing to adapt to change. This involves continual learning and improvement of their practical skills. With every new technological advancement, our job becomes just a bit more difficult.

Our aim is to stay in the loop and be able to cope with any new challenge presented in front of us. We possess the knowledge, skills, products and equipment required to deliver cutting-edge audio-visual solutions for our customers in residential, commercial, government and educational fields.

Whether you’re on the lookout for a high-quality motorised TV mount or motorised TV Ceiling/Cabinet/Floor lift, or you’re after other TV wall mount solutions such as Outdoor TV Extreme Enclosure, you know you can count on Ultralift to give you the best value for your money.

Contact us today for more information about our custom made audio-visual solutions. If no other place offers the solution you are in dire need of, you can rest assured that Ultralift will create one to fit your requirements perfectly.

The Ultralift Story

Ultralift started almost two decades ago as a small, local family business. Our focus has always been on delivering first-grade products, unmatched audio-visual solutions, and unsurpassed customer service. This combination of quality products, along with a constant desire to grow and improve, helped us become one of the most prominent providers of audio-visual solutions and TV lift cabinets in Australia for residential and commercial purposes.

Thanks to the strong relationships we have built with our clients, we’ve managed to learn a bit more about them and their specific requirements. For years, we have been jotting down their needs to come up with a diverse range of products that will meet them. In our selection today, you can discover: Pop-up TV cabinet, Floor Lifts, TV wall mounts, Motorised TV ceiling lifts, motorised TV bracket and lifts, Outdoor TV enclosures, Motorised projector brackets, Lifts and mounts, and Camera and Projector lifts. But even if you don’t find the perfect product, you can contact Ultralift for a custom-made solution.

All of the products from our office are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities in Melbourne, Australia. To ensure that they meet industry standards and serve you long-term, Ultralift utilises only top-grade materials and equipment for the production of our products.

We only hire top talent. Our visionary designers create unique solutions, revolutionizing the industry.

Meet Ultralift

Ultralift has rightfully earned the title of one of the top audio-visual solution providers of drop down TV lifts in Australia and worldwide. We are widely praised for our ability to engineer and deliver products in a timely manner and customised to your requirements. What sets us apart from other pop up TV cabinet and bed lift mechanism suppliers in Australia is our ability to scale and adapt in accordance with the challenges we are facing. This has helped us grow our reputation and become every Australian’s go-to provider of audio-visual solutions, whether it is for residential, commercial, government, or educational purposes.

The company was established by a tradesman with a vision and passion to turn a mere paper sketch into reality. But this is not just a one-man job. Ultralift is a family of workers. The strong bond and communication skills allow us to complete any project seamlessly, which is why we are able to deliver solutions with such great turnaround times. Even when times are tough and projects are large and challenging, we still manage to meet the agreed-upon deadline.

Whether you need a custom made TV wall mount, TV Lift Cabinet, outdoor TV, ceiling TV lift, motorised projector and camera lifts or pop up floor TV Lift in Australia, Ultralift is the team that will provide it for you quickly. However, don’t think that the quality will be compromised! All of our products are designed in modern facilities, using the best materials and appropriate tools and equipment. Furthermore, no audio-visual product will leave the manufacture without undergoing tough quality control. We aim to design and fabricate pop up TV cabinets, TV wall mounts, TV lifts, projector lifts and mounts that meet industry standards.

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Investing in our services means investing in long-term audio-visual and TV wall mount solutions. Don’t hesitate to contact us by calling (03) 9459 0873 to consult with our team and get a quote. One of our talented and experienced designers or engineers will be more than happy to provide advice on the best approach to your project.

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We work closely with individuals

We work closely with the industry’s best installers to provide first class motorised lifting devices that enhance audio visual capability. We’re trusted because of our solutions-oriented approach and commitment to budgets and timelines.

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