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Enhance Your Home Theatre with the Right Projector Mount

On the hunt for a reliable and practical solution for your projector? Ultralift is Australia’s one-stop-shop for all your audio-visual motorised lift devices and also offers a wide projector mount range. In recent years, projector mounts have become more popular as home theatres become more widespread, and they remain in vogue throughout commercial premises around the world.

Projector mounts are a practical solution for anyone setting up a home theatre system for a unique viewing experience. Most conference rooms, boardrooms and lecture halls also include a projector mount in combination with a projector screen towards the front of the room, enabling communication with those seated from a comfortable viewing position.

With almost two decades of experience, we have a lot of experience designing all kinds of projector mounts. That is why we have grown from a niche provider of audio-visual mounting solutions into one of the industry giants here in Australia.

Spider Projector Mount

[RRP from AU$480] Ultralift Australia’s ‘Spider’ projector mounts are a sturdy, safe and flexible solution for your projector needs. The Spider is the installer’s ...

Projector Ceiling Mounts

Spider 70

[RRP from AU$210] Ultralift Australia’s ‘Spider 70’ projector mounts are the sturdy, safe and flexible solution to your projector needs. Ultralift Australia’s ...

Spider Short Throw

[RRP POA] Ultralift Australia’s ‘Spider Short Throw’ projector mounts are the sturdy, safe and flexible solution to your projector needs. With the Spider Short ...

Secure projector mount university

Spider Lock

[RRP from AU$620] Ultralift Australia’s ‘Spider Lock’ projector mounts are a sturdy, safe and flexible solution for your projector needs. The Spider Lock is similar ...

Secure projector mount university

Spider Vault (Cage)

[RRP from AU$1,440] Ultralift Australia’s ‘Spider Vault’ projector mounts provide a sturdy, safe, and yet flexible and easy to install solution for public areas and ...

Anti-vibration projector Mount

Anti-Vibration Projector Mount

[RRP from AU$2,410] When projectors are mounted on long poles and away from the ceiling, structural vibrations can affect the quality of the projection. This can be even ...

anti-ligature projector enclosure mount

Anti-Ligature Projector

Anti-ligature projector mounts and enclosures are manufactured with the same design criteria for anti-ligature TV mounts. They feature a robust and tamperproof design where are ...

Projector Weatherproof Outdoor Cabinet

Projector Outdoor Enclosure

[RRP from AU$6,450] Weatherproof Projector Cabinet Our Outdoor Projector Enclosure is lockable and weatherproof with glass front & thermostat controlled ventilation. ...

The Widest Range of Projector Mounts in Australia

Ultralift continues to diversify its product range with solutions to meet a wide range of applications. Our projector mounts, projector cages and ceiling and wall mount projector brackets have tilting capabilities and extendable stems that are ideal for mounting your projector. They are all easy to assemble for immediate setup and use. Some of our most popular products include our Spider projector mounts, as they are convenient to install and have proven to be highly secure, reliable and durable.

Our range presently includes:

  • Spider 1200 and 3000 Projector Mount, designed with sturdiness, safety and flexibility in mind. It is appropriate for any projector size, features a universal projector mount and comes complete with all fixing hardware.
  • Spider 70 Projector Mount that features a fully adjustable ball mount plate and is suitable for projectors of any size. It is highly flexible and durable, designed to keep the projector safely fixed to the ceiling.
  • Spider Short Throw Projector Mount, which can be installed on the wall with a wall mount projector bracket to hold projectors of almost any size.
  • Spider Lock 1200 Projector Mount is similar to the Spider 1200, except that it comes with a lockable plate. It can be used for a projector of any size and comes with an optional barrel clamp that enables you to easily attach to lighting bars or scaffolding. It comes packed with all fixing hardware necessary for installation.
  • Spider Vault (Cage) Projector Mount, is strong, durable and flexible. It is designed with a unique locking mechanism, a tough projector cage, and built-in provisions that enable easy installation.

Custom Projector Mount

For the most reliable projector mount in Australia, shop at Ultralift. If you cannot find an existing projector mount to suit your requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team can design a custom projector mount or projector cage to meet your needs in a timely and efficient manner.

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