We work closely with the industry’s best installers to provide first-class motorised lifting devices that enhance audio visual capability. We’re trusted because of our solutions-oriented approach and commitment to budgets and timelines.

Our in-house design and manufacturing teams make Ultralift the leading industry partner for AV industry designers and installers. Our standard range of products is available for purchase, and we can also modify them to suit the specific requirements of your project. If you are looking for a new design, we can help you develop your ideas to achieve your design needs.

“Ultralift has a fantastic range of products – in particular, LED droppers, lifts and projector lifts. They also make a lot of custom products which is of great benefit to us as we can supply the exact product for the customer’s needs. When looking at automated solutions, I think the first port of call should be Ultralift.”

Chris Sismanes

Director, Vision One Technologies


Digital Display Stand

Digital Display Stand Digital display stands are a great addition to a commercial building with high foot traffic. These displays can be used to showcase static banners, videos, or to install touchscreen displays. At Ultralift, we work with architects and…

Case Study: Multiple Screen Learning Space at Monash University

CASE STUDY: MULTIPLE SCREEN LEARNING SPACE AT MONASH UNIVERSITY Project Overview As part of the new, cutting-edge Learning and Teaching Building at their Clayton campus, Monash University required a highly specialised and adaptable motorised TV lift solution. The centrepiece of…

AV Solutions for Pubs and Clubs

AV SOLUTIONS FOR PUBS AND CLUBS Pubs and clubs rely heavily on functional and presentable AV equipment. Punters and sporting enthusiasts want to see multiple screens scrolling through a series of results, odds, races and events from venues across the…

Digital Interactive Displays Boost In-Store Experiences

DIGITAL INTERACTIVE DISPLAYS BOOST IN-STORE EXPERIENCES We’ve all come to expect interactive screens in our lives. They exist in our homes, workplaces, cars, pockets… even on our wrists! From weather information and the session times of movies to traffic conditions…

Choosing the perfect projector for conference rooms

CHOOSING THE PERFECT PROJECTOR FOR CONFERENCE ROOMS The business of the 21st century thrives on smart uses of modern technology to share ideas, bring people together in a collaborative working environment and drive a positive culture of shared goals and…

Case Study: AV Road Case with Touch Screen Lift for the Australian Defence Force

CASE STUDY: AV ROAD CASE WITH TOUCH SCREEN LIFT FOR THE AUSTRALIAN DEFENCE FORCE Project overview The Australian Defence Force required a versatile and, above all, rugged and durable road case to transport a touchscreen. The solution needed to allow…

The perfect solution for when you’re travelling

THE PERFECT SOLUTION FOR WHEN YOU’RE TRAVELLING It goes without saying that boats can be unstable places, certainly in terms of enjoying home comforts like a TV. Even bigger vessels will be subject to much more rocking and rolling than…

The Benefits of a Customised Approach to AV design

THE BENEFITS OF A CUSTOMISED APPROACH TO AV DESIGN In the modern age of streaming, video conferencing and greater connectivity in general, audio visual systems are more important than ever for both home and work environments. Architects and AV Specifiers…

Facilitate student learning with clever AV design

FACILITATE STUDENT LEARNING WITH CLEVER MOBILE TV STANDS The importance of audio visual (AV) technology in education is constantly increasing and, rather than the once or twice yearly ‘treat’ of hauling in the cumbersome CRT television and VHS recorder for…

Custom Interactive Table Display

Here’s another one of our proud achievements. Showcasing the possibilities when it comes to Interactive Table Displays. Contact us by clicking on the Quick Enquiry button should you have any further enquiries. Find out more about our other Work in the Projects…

Custom Curved Video Wall Stand/Plynth

The first of many posts, this is a concept idea that we are working on at Ultralift Australia. Our Design Notes 4 x 12 Video Wall Curved Alucobond Panelling Made in 3 pieces and bolted together for freighting purposes Height…

Smart Use of AV Equipment in Boardrooms

Boardrooms aren’t usually the place you’d look for the smart use of technology. You might look there for advanced features and capabilities, but all too often, boardrooms are home to snarled cables, bulky monitors that are only used occasionally and other items….

Education Touch Screen Lift engages students in exciting new ways

Many educational organisations are now using TV-sized touch screens as part of their lesson plans. With such large screens being used, a flexible mounting solution that adapts to the needs of the learning environment is essential. To meet this need,…

Boardroom TV Lift

Victoria Racing Club

Multiple Screen Video Wall

Projector Lift

Boardroom Table Lifts

Boardroom Scissor Table TV Lifts

Boardroom Round Table TV Lifts

Boardroom Centre TV Lift

Education Touch Screen Lift