Seismic restraint: AMP Case Study

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Securing TVs in the event of an earthquake is an important consideration for homes and commercial buildings. Simple anti-tip earthquake straps for TV use are quite effective for homes and when the TV is placed on top of a TV cabinet. In commercial buildings, TVs are usually mounted on the wall or on ceiling pole mounts. Australian building regulations specify that non-structural building elements must be restrained. During an earthquake, non-structural elements pose an injury risk as well as damaging the building, causing electrical short-circuit, or blocking the exit paths. For these reasons, using the right earthquake restraints for a TV is essential.

Ultralift has recently partnered with an independent seismic specialist to enable us to have seismic restraint certification for our TV mounts. For our first project, we manufactured 160 of these custom seismic restraint certified TV mounts for AMP in collaboration with WSP consultants and Star Group.

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