Pubs and clubs rely heavily on functional and presentable AV equipment. Punters and sporting enthusiasts want to see multiple screens scrolling through a series of results, odds, races and events from venues across the country and around the world. The screens need to be readily visible with high-quality pictures set on dedicated channels so patrons know where to look for the information and entertainment they desire. As the layout of every viewing space is different, a range of TV wall mount options and motorised TV lifts for hanging screens from ceilings should be considered.

Big screen sporting events

For the pub owner/manager whose business focusses heavily on televised sporting events, massive screens are known to affect where viewers choose to watch. The size of the screen is directly proportional to the atmosphere the event creates and this atmosphere keeps viewers rolling up to the bar between sets, quarters and goals. However, make sure the screen matches the size of the room and also make sure this expensive piece of equipment can be protected from rowdiness when not in use.

A simple solution to the latter is a motorised TV lift that enables the screen to be secured in the ceiling when not in use and on full display for game day. At the touch of a button, the motor is activated and the screen descends seamlessly allowing patrons to view the spectacle and feel like they are in the middle of the action. There are a variety of motorised TV lifts available so be sure to select one that suits your particular viewing space and ceiling cavity.

Keep the punters up-to-date

Race day punters like a quiet area to while away their afternoons. They are often a more serious crowd than the sporting event viewers as there is much more concentration required to study the form and make a selection. Accordingly, the need to protect screens is less so TV wall and ceiling mounts are often regarded as a more suitable option. The punters in these quiet nooks want multiple screens for odds, results and races to be constantly on display to aid with selecting and viewing their runner. TV wall and ceiling mounts come in a variety of sizes and shapes to enable the screens are permanently fixed yet still have adjustable abilities to increase visibility by reducing glare and reflections.

If glare and reflections are not a problem in your viewing space, other static TV wall and ceiling mounts can be fixed flat to the wall in a set and forget manner. For maximum viewer comfort, ensure they are arranged in an array so punters may easily switch their gaze from one to another.

Ultralift is a leading supplier of TV wall and ceiling mounts and motorised TV lifts. We work closely with AV specifiers, hospitality architects and pub/club managers and owners to install the best solutions for their individual spaces. We are accustomed to creating bespoke solutions that take into account the screen size and weight, the need to tilt or adjust and the vertical descent from the ceiling required to put the screen in an optimal viewing position. After all, the punters and big game viewers will demand it!

To learn more about our superior range of lifting and mounting solutions for screens, contact us to discuss your requirements.