AV Motorised Road Case

Ultralift’s AV Road Case is a versatile and, above all, rugged and durable road case to securely transport a screen or TV. Originally developed for the Australian Defence Force, the road case has heavy-duty wheels to navigate difficult conditions and surfaces and is easily set up in less than 30 seconds.

The product also uses a sturdy mechanical system driven by high quality actuators to allow reliable and convenient movement of the screen. At the touch of a button, the screen can be raised to the desired height, up to a maximum of 1.5 metres. The mechanism also provides the flexibility of motorised tilting, allowing the touchscreen to be easily manoeuvred through a full range of angles from vertical to a fully flat ‘table-top’ mode. This makes the screen equally suitable for use in presentations and briefings or in collaborative work settings where it allows people to gather around for discussion and interact with the screen.

There are so many applications for this solution including:

  • Roadshows
  • Tradeshows
  • Construction sites
  • Mining and Energy sites
  • Engineering projects
  • Emergency services

The road case is suitable for a wide range of screen sizes from 40 inches to 100 inches.

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Portable TV mount motorised
Portable TV mount motorised
Camera mount

Technical Specifications

SPECIFICATIONS PDF DocumentAV Motorised Road Case

Pricing and Purchasing

All of our products are designed and manufactured in Melbourne Australia and we supply and ship our products to other states and countries worldwide.

We only supply the products and we recommend you contact your preferred AV Specialist or Electrician for a quotation on supply as well as installation. They will arrange a time to discuss your project and provide you with options on what will suit you best for your application.

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