Projector Ceiling Mounts

Inconspicuous Projector Ceiling Mounts to Improve Your Viewing Experience

Ultralift has developed an extensive range of sturdy, reliable and adjustable projector ceiling mount brackets of varying sizes to use with most projector models on the market. Our mounts and brackets provide a simple way to attach your projector to the ceiling, including sloped ceilings.

Projector ceiling mounts play an important role in many home theatre systems, creating the atmosphere of a cinema inside your home while ensuring the projector is out of view and not blocking the screen.

Projector mounting brackets aren’t just for the home though. Our projector ceiling mount range includes options suitable for installation in educational environments, classrooms, boardrooms, conferences centres and lecture theatres. Our custom-made projector ceiling mounts can also provide a secure mounting solution for projectors in public areas, such as cafes, pubs and museums.

Spider Projector Mount

[RRP from AU$480] Ultralift Australia’s ‘Spider’ projector mounts are a sturdy, safe and flexible solution for your projector needs. The Spider is the installer’s ...

Projector Ceiling Mounts

Spider 70

[RRP from AU$210] Ultralift Australia’s ‘Spider 70’ projector mounts are the sturdy, safe and flexible solution to your projector needs. Ultralift Australia’s ...

Secure projector mount university

Spider Lock

[RRP from AU$620] Ultralift Australia’s ‘Spider Lock’ projector mounts are a sturdy, safe and flexible solution for your projector needs. The Spider Lock is similar ...

Secure projector mount university

Spider Vault (Cage)

[RRP from AU$1,440] Ultralift Australia’s ‘Spider Vault’ projector mounts provide a sturdy, safe, and yet flexible and easy to install solution for public areas and ...

Anti-vibration projector Mount

Anti-Vibration Projector Mount

[RRP from AU$2,410] When projectors are mounted on long poles and away from the ceiling, structural vibrations can affect the quality of the projection. This can be even ...

anti-ligature projector enclosure mount

Anti-Ligature Projector

Anti-ligature projector mounts and enclosures are manufactured with the same design criteria for anti-ligature TV mounts. They feature a robust and tamperproof design where are ...

Projector Weatherproof Outdoor Cabinet

Projector Outdoor Enclosure

[RRP from AU$6,450] Weatherproof Projector Cabinet Our Outdoor Projector Enclosure is lockable and weatherproof with glass front & thermostat controlled ventilation. ...

Exceptional Projector Ceiling Mount Designs

  • Spider 1200 and 3000 Projector Ceiling Mounts features a bottom ball mount plate that will firmly mount projectors of all sizes to any surface at any angle. They can be placed in any position up to 1000mm, although we can design custom length mounts upon request.
  • Spider 70 Universal Projector Ceiling Mounts come complete with all the required fixing hardware needed for installation, including a completely adjustable ball mount plate. They are safe, sturdy and flexible units that are ideal for various projector requirements.
  • Spider Lock 1200 Projector Ceiling Mounts are similar to the Spider 1200 units, but they use a lockable plate instead of arms to secure a projector of any size. They come with all the fixing hardware needed to mount the unit, and an optional barrel clamp that attaches the mount to lighting bars or scaffolding.
  • Spider Vault (Cage) Projector Ceiling Mounts are easy to install and are detachable. The angle can be easily adjusted if need be. They are ideal for public areas and educational facilities.
  • Anti-Vibration Projector Mounts reduce the impact that structural vibrations have on the quality of the projection with special rubber dampers. They can be used with all of our projector ceiling mount units.

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