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Free Up Floor Space with Our Premium TV Mounts

Would you like to free up floor space in your home or office because the room is too small to fit the furniture you need? Are you still using a bulky TV cabinet that takes up too much space? Whatever the case may be, Ultralift recommends opting for a quality TV pole mount, TV floor mount, hanging TV bracket or TV ceiling mount bracket that will keep your TV safely attached to the wall or ceiling, giving you more space to enjoy.

At Ultralift, we develop cutting-edge, quality TV mounts to meet your specific needs. For years, we have offered state-of-the-art products and unmatched customer service, gradually climbing to the top of our industry. In that time, we have established an extensive portfolio of satisfied clients who agree that we offer the best TV mounts in Australia.

Portable TV mount motorised

AV Motorised Road Case

Ultralift’s AV Road Case is a versatile and, above all, rugged and durable road case to securely transport a screen or TV. Originally developed for the Australian Defence Force, ...

Mobile TV Stands TV Mounts
Anti-Ligature TV Enclosure


Anti-ligature TV mounts and enclosures are designed to avoid attachment of anything to them so they cannot be used to inflict self-harm or to others. This is achieved by closing ...

TV Mounts TV Wall Mounts
Outdoor TV Enclosure

Extreme Enclosure

Our Outdoor TV enclosure is lockable and weatherproof with glass front & thermostat controlled ventilation. These Extreme Enclosure outdoor TV mounts and cabinets are made from ...

TV Mounts TV Wall Mounts
TV Wall Mounts

Freedom Mount

Ultralift Australia’s ‘Freedom’ range of flat-screen TV mounts allow complete flexibility to swivel the screen to suit your perfect viewing position, effectively eliminating ...

TV Mounts TV Wall Mounts


85″-108″ Flat Screen Wall mount with Pull-Out Screen Servicing Capability. Based on our succesful Hercules bracket for the Panasonic 103″ screen, this bracket is in demand ...

TV Mounts TV Wall Mounts

Static Mount

Ultralift Australia’s TV wall mounts allow a solid, reliable method of fixing your screen to any position in the room. The compact design secures flat against the wall and is ...

TV Mounts TV Wall Mounts

Pole Mount 26-52

Ultralift Australia’s ‘Pole Tilt’ allows a screen to be attached securely to the ceiling at a height to suit your application. The Pole Tilt is great for eye catching ...

TV Ceiling Mounts TV Mounts
TV Pole Ceiling Mount

Pole Mount 85

Ultralift Australia’s ‘Pole Mount’ allows a large screen to be attached securely to the ceiling at a height to suit your application. The Pole Mount 85 is great for eye ...

TV Ceiling Mounts TV Mounts

Why Shop for a TV Mount from Ultralift?

TV mounts are convenient to install and are a secure and reliable product. Our TV mounts are the ideal bracket for mounting your TV. Our Freedom Swivel and Extreme Enclosures are amongst our most popular mounting brackets.

Ultralift TV mounting brackets are suitable for most sizes of TV and flat-screen units on the market. All of the products in our range are manufactured with strict quality control processes before dispatch to the customer. We use only first-class materials in our adjustable TV mounts for flat screens so you can be sure you’re investing in a product that will serve you for years to come.

Find a TV Mount for Your Individual Needs

At Ultralift, we focus on designing unique, adjustable TV mounts for flat screens that fill a gap in the market and offer our clients a never-before-seen solution. Take the time to browse through our offer and choose from:

  • Extreme Enclosure TV Mount – These outdoor TV brackets feature a lockable case with a glass panel to view the screen through and thermostat-controlled ventilation. It will conceal your plasma, LED or LCD screen and keep it safely stored until you need it.
  • Freedom Mount – This is one of our most popular adjustable TV mounts for flat screens, as it enables you to swivel the screen until you find the perfect viewing position. The Freedom Mount is a wall-mounted TV mount that can extend out and swivel up to 90 degrees.
  • Hercules TV Mount – This is a hanging TV bracket specially designed for the Panasonic 103’’ screen, which is currently in high demand on a global scale.
  • Static Mount – Regardless of the size of your plasma, LED or LCD TV, our Static hanging TV mount is sturdy and has been field-tested with countless TV screens. It can be easily installed on any wall and can be tilted to adjust the most optimal viewing position.
  • Pole Mount – This range of TV ceiling mount brackets is designed to keep your TV safely attached to the ceiling. All of our TV pole mounts can be adjusted up or down to get the perfect height.
  • Anti-Ligature – These TV mounts are commonly used in facilities where safety is imperative, including mental health care institutions, psychiatric hospitals, correctional centres and prisons.

Explore Our Range Today

Browse through our range today to experience the best TV mounts in Australia for yourself. Whether you’re after outdoor TV brackets, a TV ceiling mount bracket or a floor standing TV mount, you can trust we’ll have what you need in stock. Contact Ultralift today on (03) 9459 0873.