TV Ceiling Lifts

Enjoy Greater Convenience with a TV Ceiling Mount & Lift

Ultralift’s tilt down TV mounts, fold-down ceiling TV mounts, pull-down TV mounts and drop down TV mounts provide an ideal way of concealing your TV in the ceiling. Our Mercury, Descender and Spartan TV ceiling mounts are some of the most popular units in our range. In addition to our TV ceiling mounts and ceiling lifts being convenient to install, they also operate reliably. Our TV ceiling mounts and ceiling lifts can be used in homes, boats and conference centres as well as boardrooms and offices.

Ultralift offers TV ceiling mounts and ceiling lifts to suit most sizes of TVs on the market. Our TV lifts come complete with all accessories needed for installation, including IR remote control, up/down wall panel, and installation instructions.

Tilt Down TV Lift - Spartan


[RRP from AU$11,630] The Ultralift “Spartan” lift has been designed to appeal to the most discerning customer who wants the ultimate in smoothness and quietness. As an ...

Spartan Drop

[RRP from AU$15,250] The Spartan Drop tilts the TV using quiet linear motors and slides it further down to a comfortable viewing position. These TV lifts fit neatly into ...

Spartan Swivel

[RRP from AU$13,780] The Spartan Swivel folds your television down into view and swivels it into the ideal position. It has been designed to appeal to the most discerning ...

Tilt Down Mercury Slim Drop Down TV lift ceiling mount

Mercury Slim

[RRP from AU$10,650] Ultralift Australia’s “Mercury Slim” ceiling tilt gives you space-saving security solutions for your TV screen. The Mercury Slim is suitable for ...

Mercury Marine

[RRP POA] Mercury Marine TV lifter is designed for use in boats and yachts with a special design to withstand the corrosive saltwater environment and movements of the ...

Drop Down TV Descender Vertical TV lift for ceiling


[RRP from AU$9,690] Ultralift Australia’s Descender gives you space-saving and security solutions for your TV. The Descender fits neatly into ceiling cavities, ...

Descender - Drop Down TV Lift

Descender Drop

[RRP from AU$11,950] Ultralift Australia’s Descender Drop gives you space saving and security solutions for your flat screen TV. The Descender Drop fits neatly into ...

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does it Take to Mount a TV to the Ceiling?

The duration of the installation will depend on various factors, such as the size of your TV, the type of brackets needed, what material your ceiling is made of, and other factors.

Can Ceiling Mounts be Installed On a Sloped Ceiling?

Drop down, pull down and fold down ceiling TV mounts can be installed on horizontal ceilings or ceilings with a five degree slope.

What Are the Benefits of Mounting My TV On the Ceiling?

  • The room the TV is installed in will have more space
  • The TV is less likely to get damaged, as it will be out of the way
  • You can watch your TV from various angles

Find the Best TV Mount for You

Feel free to browse through our wide selection of fold down ceiling TV mount, pull down TV mount and drop down TV mount options online. You can also contact our team on (03) 9459 0873 for help finding a TV mount that suits your domestic or commercial premises.