Prolift Uni

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The Prolift Uni is a projector mounting solution specifically designed for lecture theatres. It is mounted from the ceiling by a pole, and features an adjustible projector mount so the projector can be aimed at the projector screen.

  • University Projector Lift
  • Avoid slow and costly servicing with motorised projector lowering mechanism
  • Can be lowered up to 2 meters from retracted position
  • Ceiling mount poles custom made to length.
  • Universal projector mount, complete with all fixing hardware.
  • IR kit and remote control – Plug and Play.

For maintenance purposes the projector can be lowered from its fully retracted position up to 2 meters, using the motorised lift built into the Prolift Uni. This makes it easier for service personnel to work with, and avoids OH&S issues when servicing the projector.

Ultralift Australia’s Prolift Uni features super smooth, quiet operation and a modern design to suit almost any lecture hall.

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