TV Screen Protector

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A TV screen protector is typically a plate made of rigid polycarbonate material that can prevent damage from a variety of sources. A protective screen is necessary because modern flat-screen televisions can easily be damaged. Choosing the best screen protection depends on the environment that you are mounting the TV. For home applications, a simple screen protector can prevent physical damage and scratches to your TV. It can also protect the screen from sun damage that can occur when it is installed near a window. Indoor screen protectors can help your expensive flat-screen TV to last longer.

Sports centre TV protection:

In commercial spaces, sports centres and gymnasiums, a screen protector must be able to withstand severe physical impacts as well as providing protection from scratches. Another factor to consider is how the protective screen is mounted on the TV, as it may be necessary to regularly remove the screen protector to clean the TV face. At Ultralift, we provide two alternative designs for these applications.

Our wall-mounted screen protector is directly mounted on the wall and in front of the screen. There is enough gap considered between the TV and the screen protector to allow for maximum deflection of the front panel in event of physical impact.

Our pole-mounted protective screen provides an additional frame around the TV and the screen protector panel is installed onto this frame. This option is ideal for pole or ceiling-mounted TVs and in stadiums and sports centres.

Anti-glare TV screen:

In many cases, glare protection is unnecessary, and this type of treatment can lead to a blurred picture. However, if the TV is installed outdoors or near bright light sources indoors, we provide anti-glare screen protectors as an option.

Outdoor screen protection:

Our range of Outdoor TV Enclosures also provide protection for screens and against humidity, rain, and physical damage. These screen protector enclosures are designed to allow airflow to cool the screen while being weatherproof and protecting the screen from environmental elements.

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Sport centre TV screen protector
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