We’ve all come to expect interactive screens in our lives. They exist in our homes, workplaces, cars, pockets… even on our wrists! From weather information and the session times of movies to traffic conditions and personal status updates, they provide us with the information that keeps us functioning as well as millions of entertainment options that fill our downtime. We’ve become comfortable with them, operate them confidently and are able to quickly learn from them.

Yet they are not common in retail stores. That presents a massive opportunity for AV specifiers and retail architects.

Retail is a tough gig and getting an edge is essential. Competition, ever increasing rents and wages, staff management and the endless demands of marketing create unwanted headaches for store managers on a regular basis. The one element that makes all this bearable is sales. So using something customers expect in all other aspects of their lives in-store to create a sense of involvement and a desire to linger while enhancing their in-the-moment shopping experience simply makes good sense.

To compete with online retailers, bricks and mortar retail outlets must enhance the overall experience their customers have. Friendly staff, in-store offers and exceptional visual merchandising are some of the traditional elements of this but the world has progressed and retail managers must also move with the times to compete with the dominant online players. To be the standout selection in a crowded marketplace, retailers need to accentuate their point of difference.

Beautifully presented in-store interactive screens are the natural solution. Retailers may use screens to:

  • Tempt customers with exceptional, one-off in-store offers
  • Advise them of loyalty programs while they are standing in queues
  • Coax them to sign up to those loyalty programs
  • Display short movies of working products
  • Collect customer contact details for mailing lists as they sign up for competitions
  • Create anticipation for upcoming events
  • Clarify store returns policies
  • Explain the benefits of upgrading from an inexpensive model to a premium product
  • Show the store layout
  • Conduct product comparisons

As AV specifiers and retail architects, it is vital to understand this last point. Shoppers are savvy these days and regularly conduct their own product comparisons online. It simply makes sense for them do it in-store where they can ask questions of staff. This creates the opportunity to build rapport, provide knowledge and clarify misunderstandings. These can be persuasive motivators for people who are in the purchasing moment and actively deciding when and where to buy.

Ultralift supplies the lifting and mounting solutions for various interactive touchscreen technologies that are suited to all in-store retail applications. From banking and insurance to clothing and toys, any trader with a shopfront can optimise their receipts by providing their customers with a reason to linger and interact in their premises.

It is well understood in retail that the longer a customer stays in your store, the more they are likely to spend. So bricks and mortar retailers simply need to give their customers a reason to stay. These days, nothing soaks up more of our time than a screen we can control. Combine that with professionally trained sales staff to create an infectious buzz and you have a winning retail formula that will outstrip the competition.

To learn more about our superior range of lifting and mounting solutions for screens, contact us to discuss your requirements.