TV Cabinet/Floor Lifts

Explore Our Range of Modern TV Cabinets & TV Floor Lifts

At Ultralift, we offer modern TV cabinets and TV floor lifts with a pop up TV mechanism, ideal for concealing your TV in the floor or joinery. Our Phoenix, Titan and Elevator are amongst our most popular modern TV cabinet units. TV floor lifts are convenient to install and operate reliably. They also have a variety of uses for everything from homes, boats and conference centres through to boardrooms and offices.

Ultralift’s TV floor lifts suit most sizes of TVs on the market. Our in floor TV lifts come complete with all accessories required for installation, including IR remote control, up/down wall panel and installation manuals.

Motorised Pop Up TV Floor Lift Atlas

Atlas Lift

The Atlas Lift raises your flat-screen TV up from beneath the floor to a comfortable viewing level and transforms any living space into an entertainment room. The Atlas range is ...

Titan Lift

Titan Lift TV cabinet provides unlimited applications for flatscreens, with a smooth, quiet operation and compact design. Seamlessly conceal your television within cabinets, ...

motorised monitor display lift

Comet II

The Comet II Lift is a modern, compact LCD screen lift for screens up to 22″ in size. In addition to the standard vertical movement, the Comet II also tilts the screen back for ...

Pop Up TV Cabinet TV Lift Motorised

Phoenix Lift

Ultralift Australia’s ‘Phoenix’ gives you unlimited applications for your TV. The compact design allows you to hide your television into sideboards and cabinets providing ...

Phoenix Manual Swivel

Ultralift Australia’s ‘Phoenix with Manual Swivel’ gives you unlimited applications for your LED, LCD or flat screen TVs. The compact design allows you to hide your ...

Titan with Manual Swivel

The Titan with Manual Swivel comes with a manual 350 degree swivel you can adjust once the TV lift is fully raised. This gives you a number of viewing options for rooms where ...

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Cost of Our TV Floor Lifts Determined?

The cost depends on the style of both the cabinet itself and the type of in floor TV lift system chosen. Customers are essentially getting two products in one.

Do I Have Enough Space to Put in a TV Floor Lift?

All of the under floor TV lifts and modern TV cabinets we manufacture are based on the size of your television set. Our team can provide you with the final measurements of the cabinet to help ensure your space is ready before your assembled TV floor lift arrives.

If I Want to Put in a New TV, can I Change It?

Yes, you can. If you have any difficulty in changing it, you can give us a call for assistance.

Find the Right TV Floor Lift for You

Browse through our wide selection today to find modern TV cabinets that tick all the boxes. You can also give Ultralift a call on (03) 9459 0873 for more information on our available under floor TV lift options.