Mobile TV Stand for Educational Institutions: Bespoke design and manufacturing

Our range of custom-made TV Trolleys enables project managers and AV consultants of educational institutions to fine-tune what they require in a mobile TV stand. We recently made these mobile stands for one of the universities here in Melbourne, Australia. They incorporate additional features that our design team included in the product to meet the client’s requirements:


Mobile TV Stand for University

1. Timber Shelf: for equipment and avoiding accidental tripping over the base legs

2. Adjustable Handles: with the rotational position for protection when moving the trolley

3. Soundbar Mount

4. Keypad Arm: with left or right positioning

5. Perforated Grill: for easy module attachment

6. Rear Shroud: for easy access to the equipment

7. Cable Management: with easy-opening doors

The process:

The initial enquiry was followed by video calls to ensure our design suited the specific requirements. The trolleys were being used in a high traffic area within a library and ease of mobility and safety was important.

The timber shelf was added not only to hold a laptop but to also act as a safety bumper so the user avoids tripping over when presenting.

From the initial consultation, we paid attention to our client’s needs to ensure we ticked every box to exceed our client’s expectations.

Upon design approval, we commenced our manufacturing process and had finished fabricating the trolleys within 18 working days.