Many educational organisations are now using TV-sized touch screens as part of their lesson plans. With such large screens being used, a flexible mounting solution that adapts to the needs of the learning environment is essential.

To meet this need, Ultralift Australia has developed the Education Touch Screen Lift, which is available in a wide variety of styles for use in practically any teaching area.

The flagship model, the Education Trolley Lift with Flip, can display the TV in upright, tabletop and tilt modes, giving the educator multiple options for presentations, group assignments, and class discussion.

The Education Touch Screen Lift supports screens from 60” to 90” in size, and is available in motorised and non-motorised versions. Trolley and non-trolley versions are also available, with large lockable wheels providing easy mobility if needed. An optional laptop tray enables a computer to be plugged into the TV.

The Wall Mounted version does not include a laptop tray due to space limitations on walls, but may be connected with a laptop using suitable VGA or HDMI wall plates.

The Floor Mounted version may be fixed firmly to the floor if mobility is not required, or if wall mounting is not an option due to the strength of some walls. The floor mounted version is extremely stable, but we recommend tying it to the wall with suitably rated guide wires to reduce the likelihood of accidental tipping to an absolute minimum.

All models come with a power board mount for connecting multiple electrical devices, as well as a flexible energy chain to route cables without them becoming tangled. The universal screen mount features keyhole slots to make mounting the TV fast and easy. Each lift comes flat packed for efficient shipping, and is compliant with NSW Dept of Education requirements to ensure safety in the classroom.

For more information, please contact us, or view details on the Education Touch Screen Lift online.