Motorised TV Lifts


A massive part of what makes a house a home is the way in which we all make it our own and put our own stamp on a property through the furnishings, décor and the overall design aesthetic we choose. It might be a traditional home boasting much sought after period features, with antique or reproduction furniture carefully chosen to match. It might be a sleek, modern home with clean lines and open, inviting, multi-functional spaces. Whatever the type of home or design aesthetic, the desired effect is all too often ruined by large AV equipment which is thoughtlessly placed and dominates the otherwise lovingly crafted space. That being said, nobody wants to go without a TV and miss out on their favourite shows, movies and sporting events. So what’s the solution?

A wide range of concealment options

With clever motorised TV lifts, screens of nearly any size can be easily stored out of sight to maintain the beautiful interior design of a traditional or modern home. What’s more, the TV can still be effortlessly revealed and ready to go when it is needed. There is a range of concealment options that can be utilised to suit any space in any home. With the knowledge and expertise an AV specialist brings to their products, a TV can be concealed in the ceiling, wall or floor of the house itself. A motorised TV lift can also be integrated into a cabinet, which means it remains a useful, attractive and complementary piece of furniture as part of your personal home style. Again, the mechanism effortlessly reveals the screen at the touch of a button as and when you want it. For the ultimate in integrating your interior décor with your AV equipment, the Gallery range of rolling art allows you to conceal the TV behind an artwork or print of your choice.

There is a huge range of options available for ensuring your home décor remains unspoiled by intrusive AV equipment. For a really bespoke, tailor-made solution, a custom design can provide exactly the effect you want for your home by working with designers and manufacturers directly to address your individual needs.

You don’t have to compromise on beauty and functionality – call us to discuss how you can incorporate a full entertainment system into your home décor!