In the modern age of streaming, video conferencing and greater connectivity in general, audio visual systems are more important than ever for both home and work environments. Architects and AV Specifiers must respond to their clients’ demands in this area, and are increasingly offering customised AV system design to suit individual needs and overcome specific difficulties.

Successful AV projects often demand a great deal of ingenuity and flexibility in order to meet the client’s requirements; from discussing the intended uses and necessary functionality, to design planning and procurement and from installation to after-sales support. A successful audio visual project is built on a solid relationship.

Why consider a custom approach when designing an audio visual system?

In the course of any AV project, no matter what the challenges, a customised AV system design can turn the dream concept into a reality, add real value and improve the client experience as well as the final outcome. Although an ‘off the shelf’ or ‘cookie-cutter’ approach to AV system design might save a little time and even some money, it doesn’t deliver the level of individual care and attention that a tailored solution offers. Through the process of a customised design, it is possible to gain invaluable insights and information about the client’s needs and issues, which ultimately results in a better working relationship and a better outcome for both you and the client.

How we work with you

As one of the premier manufacturers of motorised TV lifts in Australia and worldwide, Ultralift are ideally placed to help you build profitable relationships with even the most demanding clients and deliver on the most challenging projects. Dealing directly with the manufacturer means specifications are followed meticulously throughout the design and manufacturing process, which is of vital importance for custom-made solutions. Ultralift’s team of in-house designers can provide better designed TV mounts and lifts specially tailored for any project. This is combined with state of the art manufacturing techniques and a dedicated team. With the benefit of years of experience in the industry and a history of successful custom designed solutions, working with Ultralift offers unbeatable expertise and complete peace of mind.

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