It’s no secret that Australians are addicted to all forms of technology. However, there is one form of technology that has become dominant in homes over the last few years – big screens. As the pre-eminent feature of entertainment systems, these valuable items are displayed in living areas and pool rooms, rumpus rooms and man caves. These days, many houses and apartments have multiple big screens as we have all grown to love their convenience, entertainment value and ability to unite a group or family.

Consequently, many architects, builders, AV consultants and homeowners too are now seeing the good sense in discreetly housing these expensive screens to enhance décor, eliminate unsightly cords and protect the screens to increase their longevity.

Enhance your décor

To love where we live, we need to be surrounded by tranquillity and comfort and, though we’re addicted to them, big screens do not evoke these feelings. So it’s best to house them in attractive, stylish furniture when not in use and bring them to life at the touch of a button. These days, there are numerous cabinetry and technology solutions that can combine to discreetly hide big screens to enhance homeowners’ pride and sense of ease while inhabiting their spaces.

TV lift cabinets can be specifically designed to suit all rooms of the house or apartment including lounge rooms, studies and bedrooms. We’ll work through our proven design process to ensure your specified TV lift cabinet looks and feels like it belongs.

Out-of-sight cables

Cables equal clutter.
Clutter creates stress.
Remove cables and destress.

It’s simple logic yet so many homes these days look more like training grounds for second-year electrical apprentices than sanctuaries for relaxation. Inventive TV lift cabinet solutions now exist to completely remove visible cabling. As architects or AV specialists, you can now visibly observe the satisfaction on your clients’ faces as they realise these annoying black or grey strands of heavily insulated wire have become an eyesore of the past. Simply remove their clutter and decrease their stress. It’s a win/win.

Protect your loved ones

Pets and children are unpredictable by their very nature and there’s nothing we can do to change that. In fact… we wouldn’t want to! Equally, we don’t their safety compromised by the accidents that can occur because of their spontaneous exuberance. So it makes good sense to discreetly house the heavy free-standing items, like big screens, that may cause harm.

Additionally, if potential thieves are casing a property, it stands to reason that the less they see as to easily grab will make them want to reconsider. Hidden televisions, DVD players and gaming consoles will reduce the likelihood of them regarding a home as a target.

Quality and expertise

Ultralift’s customised cabinets are hand-crafted by expert joiners and cabinet-makers in a range of styles and shapes to accommodate any size screen, whilst delivering state-of-the-art viewing or gaming pleasure.

Award-winning and Australian made, Ultralift can provide a superior quality TV lift cabinet solution for you or your clients’ needs.

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