Monash University sought a unique, high-tech motorized TV lift system for its new Learning and Teaching Building at the Clayton campus. This innovative building features a “Learning in the Round” space, designed to offer a dynamic and flexible environment suitable for various teaching and learning methods, including collaborative and interactive sessions. To meet the goal of a versatile, state-of-the-art learning space, audiovisual equipment was crucial. The design required multiple screens throughout the area to be quickly and easily rearranged for different configurations.

Monash specified a ceiling-mounted system shaped like an octagon to support eight 98-inch screens, with a total weight of 720 kilograms. The system also had to allow each screen to be lowered individually. The custom solution needed to be designed, manufactured, and delivered within a tight deadline of six to eight weeks.



Ultralift teamed up with industry experts CHW Consultants and Rutledge AV to work closely with the University. Together, they conducted several site visits and held detailed discussions to gain a comprehensive understanding of the requirements for the custom octagonal TV lift system and how it would be used in the learning space.

With this insight, Ultralift’s design team created a custom ceiling-mounted steel framework that could support eight large screens while also enabling each screen to move independently with motorized controls. This setup allows for flexibility in terms of viewing angles and servicing needs, accommodating various configurations and purposes.

From there, our expert design team were able to develop a unique ceiling-mounted steel frame capable of both supporting the weight of eight large screens and delivering the functionality of independent, motorised movement for each one, allowing for a range of different viewing and servicing heights.


The designs turned the dream of a cutting-edge, adaptable, and world-class learning space into a tangible reality, winning over all the stakeholders involved. With this approval, we proceeded to create a custom octagonal structure made of mild steel. This structure houses eight smaller steel frames that can move independently. These frames are powered by tubular motors and high-quality drawer slides, allowing each of the 98-inch screens around the room to be raised or lowered within a two-meter range.

To ensure the safety of staff and students, every frame and screen comes equipped with safety fall arrest mechanisms.