Boardrooms aren’t usually the place you’d look for the smart use of technology. You might look there for advanced features and capabilities, but all too often, boardrooms are home to snarled cables, bulky monitors that are only used occasionally and other items. On the other end of the spectrum are those boardrooms where technology is conspicuously absent – tables are kept bare for normal meetings and AV equipment is carted in when video conferencing and other communication or presentation needs arise. There is a sweet spot between these two extremes. It just requires the smart use of AV equipment and some interesting technology.

Have Your Space and Your Technology

Corporate boardrooms are unique environments. They play host to video conferencing, as well as to face-to-face meetings where monitors and microphones, cameras and projectors only get in the way. There’s a way to have your space and your technology at the same time, without any trade-offs  The trick is to utilize advanced AV solutions capable of holding, storing and then delivering the equipment you need, when you need it.

You’ve seen at least a couple of movies that featured video conferencing monitors that rise from a hidden slot in the table. That’s now a reality. Advanced AV equipment and technology now make it not only possible to hide away those monitors when not in use, but that make it economically feasible as well. Custom designed solutions can transform your existing conference table into a telecommunications hub that never shows a single microphone or keyboard when they’re not needed. By combining wireless and wired technology available from leading designers and engineers in the AV equipment industry, you can create a fully functional, aesthetically pleasing boardroom that serves all the purposes you need it to.

Motorised Lift Mechanism allows you to customise the controls for your boardroom AV equipment. For instance, suppose you have a meeting but there are only a few people present. The executives need to communicate via video conference, but you don’t want them jammed elbow to elbow with just a handful of seats at the conference table. Using advanced AV equipment allows you to control which video conferencing monitors are used and when. Unused monitored can be “stored” away. A “unified” boardroom allows you to control every aspect of your technology through either a wall mounted touchscreen, a remote control or even a smartphone interface.

It’s more than just controlling which monitors are in use at which times, though. With the right lift and mount combination, you can control the tilt and zoom of your video conferencing cameras, which cameras are being used, which output is being displayed on screens (VTC, DVD, PC, etc.) and more. Other aspects can also be controlled using a unified automation system, including the lighting the room and even the blinds on the windows, helping you to create the ideal environment for your business needs.

Ultralift Australia’s Boardroom LCD monitor lift with super smooth design provides you with an efficient, space saving solution that will enable you to reclaim your valuable workspace. It truly is a unifying solution integrating technology into the boardroom.

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