Motorised TV Lifts


A spectacular home entertainment system is high on the list of features modern homeowners want in their ideal house. TV screens have moved on from the bulky old cathode ray tube sets to bigger and better flat screen TVs. Viewing habits have also changed dramatically. In-home viewing is no longer a choice between only a handful of channels showing a limited range of shows, but an environment where big-budget movies and epic TV shows and major sporting events are all available to stream or download at the touch of a button.

Let’s face it… Home entertainment systems can look ugly

Understandably, homeowners want high-quality AV equipment which is capable of doing justice to their favourite movies, TV shows and sporting events, but technology is often considered ugly and garish. Too often, badly designed and poorly thought out systems can leave your living space cluttered with devices and tangled snakes of wiring that leave it looking more like an IT department’s back room than a comfortable, inviting home.

Clever concealment can add aesthetic and functional value to your home

Today’s clever home theatre systems don’t dominate and clutter your living space, but can actually complement and blend seamlessly with your interior. A modern home entertainment system often includes a variety of components, from LCD screen and speakers to DVD/Blu-Ray and gaming systems. We also live in an age of multi-room connectivity where sound and visual can be enjoyed throughout the home from common and differing sources.

All of these elements can be incorporated in a solution that makes your entertainment system an enviable part of your home’s décor rather than a jarring eyesore. With wall or ceiling mounts TVs can become an integral part of your room rather than a messy, ugly afterthought. Smart motorised TV lifts allow screens to be conveniently concealed in the floor, ceiling or walls, with a mechanism to reveal them only when they are needed. Another option is to hide home entertainment systems with TV cabinets which double as an attractive piece of furniture and include smooth mechanisms to lift and reveal the screen. TVs can even be hidden behind artwork which adds real class to your interior design, with the picture sliding back when the screen is required. Discreet, in-ceiling speakers are capable of playing audio without anyone even noticing the hardware itself. Wiring can also hidden away to avoid ugly tangled cables.

For a perfect set up, consider a custom solution

Each home and each client’s entertainment needs are different. A custom solution can ensure that your unique, individual needs and preferences are catered for. Ultralift can discuss your requirements in order design, manufacture and build a customised solution to suit your home and your lifestyle. Contact us today!