Ultralift is proud to be one of the world’s premier manufacturers of lifting and mounting solutions for audiovisual equipment.

Our extensive product range includes motorised TV lifts and mounts for plasma, LCD and LED flat screens, projectors, monitors, speakers and more.

In addition to the standard products available, Ultralift’s experienced in-house design team offers custom solutions to suit your specific project requirements. Applications include corporate boardrooms, home theatres, university auditoriums, lecture theatres, luxury boat installations and commercial sites.

Quality manufacturing is guaranteed by Ultralift’s dedicated team, who are truly passionate about creating fantastic audiovisual experiences for our customers.

Freedom Motorised

Designed and manufactured in Melbourne to the highest engineering standards, Ultralift’s Freedom Motorised flatscreen mount provides viewing position flexibility with discreet, ...

TV Lifts TV Wall Lifts


Ultralift Australia’s ‘Gallery’ rolling art transforms your flat screen into a piece of artwork. Concealed Plasma or LCD screen mount with rolling, motorised canvas art ...

TV Lifts TV Wall Lifts

Picasso Duo

Two panels split either horizontally or vertically to reveal your flat screen TV mounted behind. The Picasso Art Lift is the perfect balance of culture and ...

TV Lifts TV Wall Lifts

Reveal Panel Lift

The Reveal Panel Lift conceals your flat screen TV behind a movable panel on the wall. When in use, the panel moves in and up behind the wall to reveal your TV. Concealed ...

TV Lifts TV Wall Lifts


The Ultralift Wall Slide Out with optional manual swivel is the ultimate combination of convenience and space-saving design. Use walls to conceal your TV with the innovative TV ...

TV Lifts TV Wall Lifts