Designing the Future of Advertising Billboards

Helping a Melbourne startup making their weatherproof projector housing

Outdoor Projector on street

Client: Lumen Billboards


Finding a weatherproof projector housing for permanent outdoor installation that would last for years


Custom design and manufacturing a reliable, secure, and weatherproof projector housing based on the client’s requirements

Lumen Billboards is a Melbourne based advertising company with a passion for using new technologies to offer captivating billboard advertisements.

They started their operations with the idea of using augmented reality generated through projectors. This technology provides the flexibility of employing 3D visual effects to turn high-rise buildings into captivating night-time displays.

One of the initial challenges for the Lumen Billboards was to find a weatherproof housing solution for the projectors. They have found many outdoor projection solutions, but they were mainly for the temporary occasions and mobile applications.

Our design team at Ultralift was able to discuss the project’s needs and offer a solution that ensures protection of the projectors as well as providing fan-forced ventilation within the enclosure.

Outdoor Projector Enclosure (5)
Outdoor Projector Enclosure (5)

These projector mounts were installed by the Lumen Billboards team recently in their first location on 231 Swanston Street, Melbourne. The projector housing withstood the test of extreme rain and storms in Melbourne after they were installed.

We look forward to seeing more of these projection billboards as the Lumen Billboards expand and grow their operations.

Outdoor Projector Enclosure (5)
Outdoor Projector Enclosure (5)

“Through the application of 3D visual effects, we turn high-rise buildings into captivating night-time displays. They demand the attention of highly trafficked areas while placing your advertisement at the centre.”
Iver Lynne, Lumen Billboards Founder and Director