How to select a ceiling TV lift

TV Ceiling lifts are used to conceal TV screens into a ceiling cavity to improve the aesthetics of a room, create clear views and open spaces. They also add functionality to an audio-visual system.

To select and install a TV lift for your home or business, you should consider the following points to guide you in selecting the most suitable product for your area.

1. Ceiling height and viewing position

The Mercury Slim, the Spartan, and the Descender are ideal for standard ceiling heights. All these products have an additional tilt of up to 15 degrees when fully extended to provide a comfortable viewing position.

Mercury Slim



In higher ceiling applications, The Mercury Slim Drop and the Descender Drop provide additional travel to lower the TV down to a perfect viewing position.

Mercury Slim Drop

TV Ceiling Lifts

Descender Drop

TV Ceiling Lifts

The Spartan Swivel has a 355-degree swivel feature and can be viewed from multiple viewing positions.

Spartan Swivel

2. Ceiling Cavity Size

The Descender and Descender Drop travel vertically into the ceiling cavity which means they require more space above the ceiling, approximately 1 to 1.5 times the height of the TV depending on the screen size.

The Mercury and Spartan range of products tilt the screen so that the TV can fit into smaller ceiling cavities. Mercury Slim fits in much smaller cavity spaces compared to Spartan.

3. Design

As mentioned above, Mercury Slim fits in much smaller cavity spaces. However, it has a different design compared to the Spartan series. These differences are:

  • The Spartan uses actuators rather than a tubular motor which is used in the Mercury Slim.
  • The Mercury Slim has exposed cables and struts on each side to assist with the open.
  • The Spartan unit does not have any exposed cables. When it’s in the open position, you only see the TV.

4. TV Size, Material, and Weight

Ultralift’s ceiling TV lifts cater for a wide range of TV sizes from as small as 22 inches to above 100 inches. Our manufacturing capabilities enable us to customise the lifts for TVs of any size and weight. The bigger TVs are heavier which mean the supporting mechanisms are stronger, heavier, and can be bigger in size too.

Ultralift’s range of products can be manufactured using mild steel or aluminium. Aluminium is corrosion-resistant, lighter, and suitable for seaside environments. Aluminium frame for Mercury Slim can be 10 mm thicker than a steel frame.

We have detailed technical specifications for our products to guide you and give you an estimate of the size of the TV lift depending on the size of your TV. Visit the individual TV lift pages for more information.