Most homeowners don’t necessarily think about future proofing their dwelling. A home is only as future proofed as its design, right? Actually, by working with the right interior designers, you can future proof the interior of your home with the best of breed AV solutions. Technology is at the center of our modern lifestyle, and these solutions allow you to build in the capabilities that you’ll want tomorrow, today.

Whole Home Automation

While not commonplace, home automation is on the rise. These are networked systems that allow you to control a range of different equipment and features within your home from a central location or remote location. There are phrases being bandied about these days like, “the Internet of Things” and the like, but that doesn’t really tell you how an interior designer can future proof your home with high-quality AV solutions.

Simply put, by integrating your various home systems into a single network, you achieve home automation. That’s nothing more than the ability to control different parts of your home from a single device or interface. Think of your home’s lights – controlling them is usually a matter of turning on a switch or dialing up or down the dimmer. With a home automation system, you can control all the lights in your home from a touchscreen device or remote control held in the palm of your hand. You can even control the lights from your office via your PC. The same thing applies to all your other systems, including your AV system.

Controlling Your Audio-Video System

When you think about the average family’s living room, what takes center stage? Chances are good you picture an entertainment center filled with a large LCD or plasma TV, a surround sound system and more. Now, what if you could tuck all that away out of sight? Advanced AV solutions allow you to do just that. TV lifts can be installed that fold up into the ceiling or back into a wall, or even that hide your TV away within a beautiful entertainment center, only to rise up when you want to watch it. All of this can be integrated within your home automation system as well.

The real beauty of these advanced lifts and mounts is that they allow you to de-clutter your home and put more focus on its design, or on the magnificent views out your windows. No one really wants a massive TV screen taking away from the aesthetics of their room, but it’s a compromise we’ve been forced to make, at least until recently. Interior designers are able to use advanced AV equipment and solutions to take these devices and hide them away when not in use. When you’re ready to listen to music or watch TV, the touch of a button is all that’s needed.

Home automation is the future, it’s here, and it’s here to stay. By integrating the best AV solutions into your home’s interior design today, you prepare for that future now.

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