Hidden Projector Motorised Ceiling Mount

When it comes to installing a projector for a home theatre or in a meeting room, the most common solution is using a static projector mount. These projector mounts are economical and easy to install. However, if having the projector hanging from the ceiling is an eyesore, or there are security concerns, motorised projector lifts provide an alternative solution.

These motorised ceiling mounts can be used to hide the projector in the ceiling cavity and lower it to the required height only when in use. These projector lifts are also beneficial when the projector is mounted on a high ceiling and needs to be lowered for easy maintenance without using scissor lifts (and their related safety concerns).

Ultralift Australia’s Porlift Mini is a compact hidden projector mount that is ideal for meeting rooms and home theatres. These projector lifts are custom made to suit projectors of various sizes and weights.

Prolift Maxi variant of Prolift Mini has the same design with the additional custom drop. We have manufactured these lifts with drops as high as 8 meters for our clients. These projector lifts are ideal for university lecture theatres and convention centres.

Our new Prolift Maxi Swivel 90 provides multiwall projection capability as well as custom-made adjustable drop.

We manufacture these lifts in our factory in Melbourne. Contact us for more information about these custom-made projector lifts.