The importance of audio visual (AV) technology in education is constantly increasing and, rather than the once or twice yearly ‘treat’ of hauling in the cumbersome CRT television and VHS recorder for a silent viewing of a documentary video, AV technology is an integral part of the modern classroom. Modern AV products create a stimulating and interactive learning environment that helps students engage with the material. It is also worth bearing in mind that we live in an audio-visual age, where the screens of TVs, computers, tablets and phones are ever-present. In order to connect with the learners of today, the classroom resources must also reflect and keep pace with the world we live in.

Carefully Choose your AV Technology and Make it Mobile

However, in order to be of real benefit to students, AV technologies need to be carefully chosen and cleverly deployed as an integrated part of the classroom and therefore an integrated part of the lesson. Teachers will know how easily they can lose the group’s attention and engagement while setting up heavy equipment or fumbling around for connections. In contrast, smart AV trolleys for the classroom create a seamless experience integrated with the space and maintain the flow of the lesson. There are a range of mobile TV stands such as trolleys and screen mounts for classrooms specially designed for educational settings, whether the requirements are for heavy equipment to be easily mobile, for a screen to be mechanically lowered or raised to the correct height for your students or you need a dedicated laptop space for easy connectivity.

Mobile TV stands can do more than transport large screens

Screens themselves can also be interactive, providing greater engagement and active learning for students. These exciting advances in learning technology have also brought with them developments in complimentary equipment that allows teachers to make the best possible use of their AV technology. For interactive screens, highly adaptable mobile trolleys can not only adjust the height of the screen but provide AV trolleys that can flip the screen, transforming it from the standard vertical viewing position to a tilted configuration or even a flat table top mode. This functionality allows teachers to bring interactive learning to their students on a whole new level.

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