Projector ceiling mount


The business of the 21st century thrives on smart uses of modern technology to share ideas, bring people together in a collaborative working environment and drive a positive culture of shared goals and growth, not to mention wowing clients with pitches for new business. As part of these developments, conference room projectors have come a long way since the days of photo slides and hand-written notes on clear plastic sheets. These days, conference room projectors allow us to easily showcase slick, professional presentations including videos and live website demonstrations. The benefits are clear, but what factors do you need to consider when investing in a modern projector for your business?


Things to think about here are how big you want the projected image to be so that everyone can see it and whether you will usually have the room lights on during presentations if, for instance, attendees take notes. Brightness is measured in lumens and projectors range in brightness from about 500 to 2100 lumens. In short, the larger the space and the more light-filled the room will be, the brighter you will need your projector to be in order to give a clear image.


This means the clarity or sharpness of the projected image and depends on the number of pixels that make up the image: the more lines, the higher the resolution. The image quality also depends on the resolution of the computer you’re using to run your presentation from. In simple terms, your projector resolution should usually match your computer resolution. Some of the terms you might see (and what they mean in terms of pixels) are XGA (1024 x 768 pixels), SXGA (1280 x 1024 pixels), HD (1920 x 1080 pixels), 4K (4096 x 2160 resolution).


There is a range of password protection options for projectors, including some models with motion sensors which only ask for a password when the unit has been moved. This can allow your staff to use the projector in its permanent location without knowing the password, but helps prevent it being used if it is stolen.

Network and Wi-Fi connections

Some projectors use network connections which allow you to connect from any computer on the local area network, in just the same way as you can search and connect to local network printers. Some presentation programs also allow you to show the output from more than one computer at the same time using a split-screen display. This can be very useful for collaborative work or for sharing multiple ideas. Wi-Fi support, as you’d expect, adds the ability to connect a computer to the projector wirelessly and makes it easy for each presenter to start connecting and sharing.

Projector ceiling mounts and wall mounts

In addition to security, a ceiling or wall mounted projector means your investment is also kept secure in a sturdy, safe and reliable bracket which reduces the risk of accidental damage from manual handling. A permanent mounted position for you projector also means that, once initial set-up is completed, you can be sure variations in distance, angle and focus will not be an issue and your presentation will appear on the big screen exactly as you want it, every time. Ultralift can provide a range of solutions for projector ceiling mounts and wall mounts. Every mount in the Spider range is suitable for projectors of any size and comes complete with all hardware fixtures.

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