Anti Ligature

Anti-ligature products are designed to limit tampering and any attempt to use them directly (or by attachment of anything to them) to inflict self-harm or to others. Anti-ligature products are designed and manufactured with strict design criteria to ensure they can be used safely and securely in various high-risk or high-security environments.

How anti ligature products are made
These anti-ligature TV and Projector mounts and enclosures are suitable for use in Mental Health Facilities, Psychiatric Hospitals, Home and Residential Aged or NDIS Disability Care, Correctional Centres, Youth Justice Centres, and Prisons.
We design and manufacture custom-made solutions to suit your equipment and setup. Browse through our range of anti-ligature products and get in touch with us to have a chat about your project and its requirements.

Anti-Ligature TV Enclosure

Anti-Ligature TV

Anti-ligature TV mounts and enclosures are designed to avoid attachment of anything to them so they cannot be used to inflict self-harm or to others. This is achieved by closing ...

Anti-Ligature Ceiling TV Enclosure

Anti-Ligature Ceiling TV Mount

Ceiling mounted Anti-ligature TV enclosures are similar to our Wall Mounted Anti-Ligature Enclosures. They feature a similar design to prevent any attempt to use the equipment to ...

anti-ligature projector enclosure mount

Anti-Ligature Projector

Anti-ligature projector mounts and enclosures are manufactured with the same design criteria for anti-ligature TV mounts. They feature a robust and tamperproof design where are ...

polycarbonate TV screen protector

TV Screen Protector

[RRP from AU$2,650] A TV screen protector is typically a plate made of rigid polycarbonate material that can prevent damage from a variety of sources. A protective screen ...