Scenic Living Room TV Floor Lift


For interiors with floor to ceiling windows and glass walls, our concealed floor TV lifts provide the perfect solution.

Ultralift’s remote-controlled, floor-concealed TV lift solutions maximise living spaces and provide uninterrupted views to any interior.

Suitable for new buildings and any size screen, this type of fit-out requires forward planning. To install a floor TV lift, a pit is built under the floor which often needs to take place before a slab is poured. A single remote control activates the lift and operates the television and sound system providing a seamless audio visual solution.

This example was installed by Electronic Living.

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Motorised TV Floor Mount
Motorised TV Floor Mount

Product Used

Atlas Lift

The Atlas Lift raises your flat-screen TV up from beneath the floor to a comfortable viewing level and transforming any living space into an entertainment room.

  • TV lowers into the floor cavity
  • Renowned for smooth, quiet operation

Please Note: We only provide the TV lift mechanism and not the cabinet/joinery. You need to contact your local carpenter or cabinet maker to build the cabinet after confirming the dimensions of the unit with us.

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