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Space saving solutions for areas with limited wall and floor space, without the need for TV cabinets. For instances where there is limited wall and floor space available, such as apartments, hotel rooms or outdoor entertainment areas, Ultralift have designed compact TV mount solutions which provide space saving advantages as well as flexibility of viewing radiuses with swivel mount technology. These wall slide out options eliminate the need for cabinets and provide a compact, quiet design.

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Slider Motorise TV Mount
Slider Motorise TV Mount

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The Ultralift Wall Slide Out with an optional manual swivel is the ultimate combination of convenience and space-saving design.

Use walls to conceal your TV with the innovative TV Slider. The slider is available with an optional manual swivel to position the TV for a wide viewing radius.

  • Fits neatly into wall cavities, eliminating the need for bulky cabinets taking up valuable floor space
  • Renowned for their smooth, quiet operation and compact design
  • Comes with Universal TV mount, complete with all fixing hardware, IR kit and remote control
  • Plug and Play

Slider is always custom designed to suit application-specific requirements. To place your order, please complete the "Required Design Information" document below and email it to us to get a quote for pricing and design specifications.

Optional Manual Swivel:

The Slider with Manual Swivel is the alternative design of the Slider and has the feature of turning of the TV around by 180 degrees to view from multiple angles.

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