Secure projector mount university
Secure projector mount university
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Spider Lock 1200

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Ultralift Australia’s ‘Spider Lock 1200’ projector mounts are a sturdy, safe and flexible solution for your projector needs. The Spider Lock 1200 is similar to Spider 1200 but instead of the arms for securing the projector, it comes with a lockable plate.

The ‘Spider Lock 1200’ projector mount will suit any situation up to 1000 mm, custom lengths available upon request.

Ultralift Australia’s ‘Spider Lock 1200’ projector mount features a bottom ball mount plate, allowing secure mounting to any surface at any angle.

  • Projector Mount
  • For all sized projectors
  • Includes made-to-order projector mount, complete with all fixing hardware.
  • Available with optional barrel clamp – makes for simple attachment to lighting bars or scaffolding.

If needed, the 3000 extension tube can be ordered separately to allow for the 3 m drop.

UltraLift-Spider Lock 1200.pdf

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