How to keep TV screens safe and secure outdoors

In Australia we are lucky enough to enjoy a warm climate for most of the year, and a love of the outdoors is part of the national culture. At home there’s often a backyard barbecue as we gather to watch one of the major sporting events, or maybe we venture further afield to enjoy the outdoor areas on offer at pubs, restaurants, entertainment venues and even at our places of work and study. With people spending so much of their time outside, the idea of outdoor screens has become more and more attractive in recent years. An outdoor TV screen provides many uses in various applications; from being the ultimate addition to an ‘al fresco’ living area at home to allowing us to follow the action from the comfort of the bar, restaurant or lively beer garden. Outdoor TV screens might also deliver useful updates and information at public events, festivals, at school and university campuses or in a bustling shopping hotspot.

High quality TV mounts provide the ideal solution for outdoor TV use and have a wide range of benefits. These are even more important when screens are located outdoors, which presents additional challenges in terms of guarding against theft, vandalism or accidental damage. Not to mention protecting your investment in expensive AV equipment from the elements such as rain, heat and cold. A purpose built Outdoor Extreme Enclosure is an ideal solution to guard against these issues and provide total peace of mind.

When it comes to protecting your valuable TV screen from the weather, the Outdoor Extreme Enclosure is fully waterproof, with a powder coated aluminium finish to prevent corrosion. To mitigate the damage that extremes of heat and cold can cause to sensitive electronic equipment, the enclosure provides a thermostat controlled fan system which ensures the temperature remains at the right levels.

An obvious but often overlooked benefit of using such an enclosure to protect your AV equipment is that it utilises the full potential of modern flat screen TVs by unlocking their space-saving properties. The slender dimensions of a flat screen TV allow you to position it flat against the wall itself and, without the need for a bulky table or stand, open up the full potential of the space around it. When TV screens are intended for outdoor use, it is often required to be sited in a pre-designated area and also needs to be as unobtrusive as possible in order to avoid dominating the space and interfering with the activity around it in often busy environments.

High-quality TV mounts from trusted suppliers such as Ultralift also ensure that your valuable AV equipment is fixed securely in place, offering peace of mind that the risk of damage or injury is minimised.  When a screen is located outdoors, often in a public area, security is an even bigger concern and, beyond accidental damage, the very real risks of theft and vandalism must also be considered. The Outdoor Extreme Enclosure is designed to solve these issues with a secure locking mechanism and a sturdy aluminium construction.

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