With the integration of advanced video conferencing (VC) technology and building management systems, NIOA aimed to create a cutting-edge boardroom environment. However, they faced the challenge of maintaining the room’s architectural integrity while concealing the technology when not in use.


To address this challenge, NIOA partnered with Video_pro, a leading provider of audiovisual solutions, who selected Ultra Lift motorized ceiling lifters for the project. These lifters were chosen for their ability to seamlessly conceal screens in a concealed compartment in the ceiling when not in use, ensuring that the room’s interior remained uninterrupted by technology.


The installation of Ultra Lift motorized TV Lifts was seamlessly integrated into the boardroom design. When a video conference takes place, the lifters effortlessly reveal the screens from their concealed compartment, while simultaneously frosting the glass, dimming the lights, and lowering the blinds to create an immersive meeting environment.


The incorporation of Ultra Lift motorized ceiling lifters has transformed NIOA’s boardroom into a state-of-the-art meeting space that combines advanced technology with architectural elegance. The seamless integration of VC technology with the building management systems enhances communication and collaboration, while the aesthetic timber construction and panoramic views of Brisbane create a conducive environment for productive meetings.