Project overview

The Australian Defence Force required a versatile and, above all, rugged and durable road case to transport a touchscreen. The solution needed to allow for the large, fragile screen to be transported, without risk of damage, through the wide range of challenging environments and conditions which the Defence Force faces during their duties. The functionality for lifting and moving the screen through various positions for different needs and uses were also key requirements.

Collaboration to meet requirements

Ultralift met with stakeholders on numerous occasions in order to ensure that the design and manufacture of the product met their requirements, including the details of the harsh conditions it would need to be able to handle.

The finished solution is a very strong and weatherproof road case with heavy-duty wheels to navigate difficult conditions and surfaces. Easy to set up, it’s ready for action on the front line in just 30 seconds. In its closed position, the durable case ensures that the screen inside is secure and remains undamaged. The specific requirements for the product developed with the Australian Defence Force called for it to safely house a fragile touchscreen weighing 80kg, however the road case is suitable for a wide range of screen sizes from 40 inches to 100 inches.

Flexibility at the touch of a button

Once the road case is in the desired location, the secure lid can be easily and quickly removed to reveal the touchscreen, immediately ready for use. The product also uses a sturdy mechanical system driven by high quality actuators to allow reliable and convenient movement of the screen. At the touch of a button, the screen can be raised to the desired height, up to a maximum of 1.5 metres. The mechanism also provides the flexibility of motorised tilting, allowing the touchscreen to be easily manoeuvred through a full range of angles from vertical to a fully flat ‘table-top’ mode.

This makes the screen equally suitable for use in presentations and briefings or in collaborative work settings where it allows people to gather around for discussion and interact with the screen.

Integrated video conferencing

The finishing feature is a customised bracket for video conferencing equipment which makes the package perfect for effective communication between Defence Force personnel in different locations. Like the screen, the camera bracket is adjustable in height and easily stowed away for transport.

Not just for Defence

Waterproof with heavy-duty casing and wheels, there are so many applications for this solution, including:

  • Roadshows
  • Tradeshows
  • Construction sites
  • Mining and Energy sites
  • Engineering projects
  • Emergency services

Customised AV solutions

Ultralift are recognised specialists in AV lifting solutions, and the in-house design team was able to work directly with AV consultants to deliver a custom solution for the Australian Defence Force and their soldiers on the ground.

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