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Lockable weatherproof LED, LCD or Plasma screen case with glass front & thermostat controlled ventilation. Made from mild steel with a nickel plated finish to avoid rust. Available in Black, silver or white finish.

SizeOrder CodeRRP (AUD)
Extreme Enclosure 32"EXM‐032Ultralift Australia$3040AUDEXM‐032Extreme Enclosure 32"
Extreme Enclosure 37"EXM‐037Ultralift Australia$3040AUDEXM‐037Extreme Enclosure 37"
Extreme Enclosure 42"EXM‐042Ultralift Australia$3520AUDEXM‐042Extreme Enclosure 42"
Extreme Enclosure 50"EXM‐050Ultralift Australia$3610AUDEXM‐050Extreme Enclosure 50"
Extreme Enclosure 52"EXM‐052Ultralift Australia$3780AUDEXM‐052Extreme Enclosure 52"
Extreme Enclosure 55"EXM‐055Ultralift Australia$4790AUDEXM‐055Extreme Enclosure 55"
Extreme Enclosure 60"EXM‐060Ultralift Australia$4790AUDEXM‐060Extreme Enclosure 60"
Extreme Enclosure 65"EXM‐065Ultralift Australia$4790AUDEXM‐065Extreme Enclosure 65"
Extreme Enclosure 70"EXM-070Ultralift Australia$5690AUDEXM-070Extreme Enclosure 70"
Extreme Enclosure 75"EXM-075Ultralift Australia$6150AUDEXM-075Extreme Enclosure 75"
Extreme Enclosure 80"EXM-080Ultralift Australia$7070AUDEXM-080Extreme Enclosure 80"
Extreme Enclosure 85"EXM-085Ultralift Australia$8460AUDEXM-085Extreme Enclosure 85"

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