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Ultralift Australia’s Descender gives you space saving and security solutions for your plasma or LCD screen. The Descender fits neatly into ceiling cavities, eliminating the need for bulky cabinets taking up valuable floor space. Ultralift ‘Descender’ Vertical Drops are renowned for their smooth, quiet operation and compact design.

  • Fits neatly into ceiling cavities, eliminating the need for bulky cabinets taking up valuable floor space
  • Renowned for their smooth, quiet operation and compact design
  • Comes with Universal plasma / LCD mount, complete with all fixing hardware, IR kit and remote control
  • Plug and Play


SizeOrder CodeRRP (AUD)
Descender 32"DCS-032Ultralift Australia$7040AUDDCS-032Descender 32"
Descender 40"DCS-040Ultralift Australia$7470AUDDCS-040Descender 40"
Descender 42"DCS-042Ultralift Australia$7470AUDDCS-042Descender 42"
Descender 46"DCS-046Ultralift Australia$8470AUDDCS-046Descender 46"
Descender 48"DCS-048Ultralift Australia$8470AUDDCS-048Descender 48"
Descender 50"DCS-050Ultralift Australia$8780AUDDCS-050Descender 50"
Descender 55"DCS-055Ultralift Australia$9010AUDDCS-055Descender 55"
Descender 60"DCS-060Ultralift Australia$9170AUDDCS-060Descender 60"
Descender 65"DCS-065Ultralift Australia$9710AUDDCS-065Descender 65"
Descender 70"DCS-070Ultralift Australia$10310AUDDCS-070Descender 70"
Descender 75"DCS-075Ultralift Australia$11170AUDDCS-075Descender 75"
Descender 80"DCS-080Ultralift Australia$11710AUDDCS-080Descender 80"
Descender 85"DCS-085Ultralift Australia$12160AUDDCS-085Descender 85"
Descender 90"DCS-090Ultralift Australia$13130AUDDCS-090Descender 90"

Descender with Motorised Swivel

SizeOrder CodeRRP (AUD)
Descender with Motorised Swivel 32"DMR-032Ultralift Australia$9860AUDDMR-032Descender with Motorised Swivel 32"
Descender with Motorised Swivel 40"DMR-040Ultralift Australia$10460AUDDMR-040Descender with Motorised Swivel 40"
Descender with Motorised Swivel 42"DMR-042Ultralift Australia$10460AUDDMR-042Descender with Motorised Swivel 42"
Descender with Motorised Swivel 46"DMR-046Ultralift Australia$11860AUDDMR-046Descender with Motorised Swivel 46"
Descender with Motorised Swivel 48"DMR-048Ultralift Australia$11860AUDDMR-048Descender with Motorised Swivel 48"
Descender with Motorised Swivel 50"DMR-050Ultralift Australia$12290AUDDMR-050Descender with Motorised Swivel 50"
Descender with Motorised Swivel 55"DMR-055Ultralift Australia$12620AUDDMR-055Descender with Motorised Swivel 55"
Descender with Motorised Swivel 60"DMR-060Ultralift Australia$12830AUDDMR-060Descender with Motorised Swivel 60"
Descender with Motorised Swivel 65"DMR-065Ultralift Australia$13590AUDDMR-065Descender with Motorised Swivel 65"
Descender with Motorised Swivel 70"DMR-070Ultralift Australia$14430AUDDMR-070Descender with Motorised Swivel 70"
Descender with Motorised Swivel 75"DMR-075Ultralift Australia$15640AUDDMR-075Descender with Motorised Swivel 75"
Descender with Motorised Swivel 80"DMR-080Ultralift Australia$16390AUDDMR-080Descender with Motorised Swivel 80"
Descender with Motorised Swivel 85"DMR-085Ultralift Australia$17020AUDDMR-085Descender with Motorised Swivel 85"
Descender with Motorised Swivel 90"DMR-090Ultralift Australia$18370AUDDMR-090Descender with Motorised Swivel 90"

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