Maximise apartment space with motorised TV lifts

MAXIMISE APARTMENT SPACE WITH MOTORISED TV LIFTS Australians are increasingly living in higher-density areas and, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), there are now more apartments being built than houses, with 1,214,360 occupied apartments nationwide. Apartment buildings are…

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touch table

Custom Interactive Table Display

Here’s another one of our proud achievements. Showcasing the possibilities when it comes to Interactive Table Displays. Contact us by clicking on the Quick Enquiry button should you have any further enquiries. Find out more about our other Work in the Projects…

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Smart Use of AV Equipment in Boardrooms

Boardrooms aren’t usually the place you’d look for the smart use of technology. You might look there for advanced features and capabilities, but all too often, boardrooms are home to snarled cables, bulky monitors that are only used occasionally and other items….

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