Going the extra mile for our customers

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Prolift Mini (Older Model)With AV being such a competitive industry we are continuing to see our customers striving to do the best quality work they are capable of. Some installs and designs are amazing and it always puts a smile on our faces when we come across an operator that is not scared to do something differently or take a chance.

We are no different! We are not perfect – but we do try. Why? Because we rely on our installer base to be our salesforce!

Here are some kind words from Colin Campbell – Technical Supervisor for Artisan Services:

“…we look at our suppliers as being of great importance to us as we are merely the conduit between you and the end client and indeed appreciated your efforts in getting the gear to us so expediently…”

Thanks Colin for you email – we do our best to make sure you can deliver quality service to your customers, service that you are known for.

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