How Interior Designers Future Proof Your Home with the Best AV Solutions

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Most homeowners don’t necessarily think about future proofing their dwelling. A home is only as future proofed as its design, right? Actually, by working with the right interior designers, you can future proof the interior of your home with the best of breed AV solutions. Technology is at the center of our modern lifestyle, and these solutions allow you to build in the capabilities that you’ll want tomorrow, today. (more…)

Smart Use of AV Equipment in Boardrooms

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Boardrooms aren’t usually the place you’d look for the smart use of technology. You might look there for advanced features and capabilities, but all too often, boardrooms are home to snarled cables, bulky monitors that are only used occasionally and other items. On the other end of the spectrum are those boardrooms where technology is conspicuously absent – tables are kept bare for normal meetings and AV equipment is carted in when video conferencing and other communication or presentation needs arise. There is a sweet spot between these two extremes. It just requires the smart use of AV equipment and some interesting technology. (more…)

Ways to Integrate AV Equipment with a Home Automation System

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Home automation systems are becoming increasingly popular as they provide the means to combine various systems within the home, including music, networking, security, lighting, HVAC, pool control, gate control and more. Computer and information technology is utilized to control home appliances, features and systems allowing the homeowner to interact with those systems from virtually any location in the home. (more…)

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